The Evil Inside of You

Anya has awoken from a coma that has stolen a year of her life. The real world will be difficult for her, especially when she can't leave the hospital right away. She will make a new friend, and continue to learn how to be 'normal'.
(This is a sequel to my other story It's All in Your Mind)


1. Questions

There is evil inside of you. Ever since Anya awoke from her coma, those words seem to have taken the place of it’s all in your mind.

“What happened?” Anya looks around at the familiar faces sitting in her hospital room. “Why am I in here?”

“It’s my fault,” Ember, Anya’s half-sister, wipes the tears from her eyes. “I could’ve saved you from all of this.”

Anya reaches out for Ember and is shocked at what she sees. Pure white bandages cover her arms. “What did I do?”

“You had, an incident,” Mr. Yamazaki, the father of Ember and Anya, speaks up.

“How long was I asleep?” Anya tries hard to control her breathing but is beginning to freak out.

“A whole year, Anya,” Sorin looks at the girl in the hospital bed with big, sad, blue eyes. “Did you dream during that time? Did you see anything?”

“I saw,” Anya cringes as she remembers her time inside her mind. “You were all there. Sorin, was just a figure of my imagination, and Ember. You were the doctor’s daughter. Father, you were dead.”

Ember, Sorin, and Mr. Yamazaki stare at Anya as she explains her time in her coma. That she was in a sanatorium, and they kept giving her medicine that did nothing. Anya told the three everything she could remember. The voice in her head, the demons near the end, and how she defeated the evil with words.

“Well, I was here every day talking to you,” Sorin smiles. “That’s why I was there. You could hear me.”

Anya looks back at her arms and whimpers at the sight. “Someone please, tell me what happened.”

Ember lets are a strangled whimper and stands up, “I can’t stand to hear this.” The fiery redhead promptly rushes out of the room.

“Sorin, I think you should go out with Ember,” Mr. Yamazaki pats the young boy on the shoulder.

“Okay,” Sorin stands up. “I’m glad you’re awake again, Anya.” He slightly bows before leaving the room, closing the door on his way out.

“What is Sorin?” Anya asks. “Please, I need to know so much. Why is it so hard to tell me things?”

“Call down, dear,” Mr. Yamazaki stands up and walks to his daughter’s bedside. “I will answer any questions you ask now. I just, those two. It’s been hard for them.”

“Okay, my first question is what happened?”

“Well, you were diagnosed with schizophrenia years ago. Your mother dropped you off at my doorstep the second she found out. She couldn’t handle a girl with a mental illness.”

“So you took me in? Where is my mother?”

“Your mother stopped talking to me the day you turned ten. She wanted nothing to do with you anymore. And of course I took you in. You’re my daughter. I love you just as much as Ember.”

“What about Ember’s mother?”

“She is a doctor, as she was in your coma dream. But she is not evil, and loves you as if you were her own. She helps you when you have incidents and controls your medicine.”

“What did I do to land myself in this hospital? Is it even a hospital or a sanatorium?”

“It isn’t a regular hospital, but it isn’t a sanatorium either. The people who work here are just trained to take care of the mentally ill more than others.”

“So there’s a lot of people like me in here?”

“Yes. There are more lot of mentally ill people in there than not.”

“What was the incident?”

“The voices in your head told you to do it. That’s what Ember says, anyways. She says you guys were playing chess, and then you wouldn’t stop scratching at your arms. Screaming ‘Why me? Get out of me!’ You two were all alone at home as I was at a baseball game for Sorin, and my wife was at work.”

“So Ember called 911 as I screamed out and kept scratching at my arms?” Anya glances down again at her bandaged arms. “I must have done some damage to me here.”

“You lost a lot of blood and damaged muscle. You came very close to nerves. You are so luck to still have control of your arms. I know it was your fault though, dear. It was a busy morning, that day. We forgot to give you your medicine.” Mr. Yamazaki drops his head into his hands. “It’s all our fault. A year of your life is gone because we forgot.”

Anya looks at her father as he starts to cry. Not sure what to say, she asks another question. “Father, who is Sorin?”

Mr. Yamazaki takes a minute to calm down and stop crying before he looks up at his daughter. “Sorin? Ah yes, you said he was only an image from your mind in the coma. At the same time your mother left you at my doorstep, someone else left their baby boy.”

“Someone left their own kid at a stranger’s doorstep? At least I was left because you’re my dad.”

“Well dear, there’s a reason he was left,” Mr. Yamazaki wipes his hands down his dress pants. “His true parents couldn’t afford to take care of him. They live in the poorest part of Japan. I’m the CEO of a bit company, your step-mother is a doctor. We live in the richest part of japan. They left him at our doorstep because they knew we could take care of him.”

“She’s not my step-mother. She is my mother now. Since my true mother can’t stand me, she is dead to me. I don’t want anything to do with here,” Anya begins to let the tears she’s been holding in fall. “I’m just glad to be back.” That’s when the girl breaks and starts to bawl. “I’m so glad to be back, daddy. Please, don’t let me do anything bad again. I want to become better.”

Mr. Yamazaki looks at his daughter and feels his heart crack in pain. This girl, who seemed to be so strong, is now crying like the little girl she truly is. It just breaks his heart to see her in so much pain that he breaks down as well. He pulls his daughter into his chest and they let out their tears together.


As I wait for my followers to pick my next story, I decided to work on a short story. Hope you like it! :D

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