The Evil Inside of You

Anya has awoken from a coma that has stolen a year of her life. The real world will be difficult for her, especially when she can't leave the hospital right away. She will make a new friend, and continue to learn how to be 'normal'.
(This is a sequel to my other story It's All in Your Mind)


3. Going Home

A whole month in the sanatorium labeled as a hospital and Anya is on the edge of her bed to finally leave. The only thing that kept her going through each day was Leslie. He was the joy of her days at the place she’s been in for over a year. Now, she’s sad to leave him.

“Daddy, is Leslie coming with us,” Anya messes with the sleeves covering her arms. The doctors have advised that she wears them until the tissue is fully healed, and that won’t be for a few more months.

“I’ve done everything I can, sweetie,” Mr. Yamazaki runs a hand through his hair.

Anya pouts and looks up at her father. “You didn’t try hard enough.”

Why would he try? Another mentally ill kid in his home. There’s no way he could handle that, Anya. You were stupid for asking him to take that boy in.

“I tried as hard as I could, and I did everything I could think to do,” Mr. Yamazaki sits next to his daughter on her hospital bed. “I’m sorry Anya.”

“That’s all you ever are!” Anya pushes off the bed and turns to glare at her father. “Sorry your mom just left you at my doorstep. Sorry you can’t control what you do sometimes. Sorry that I can’t do anything to really help. Sorry, sorry. Sorry!” Anya has tears running down her face. “I just want this one thing. Leslie is my only friend in this world that understands how I feel. He gets me. No one else can have conversations with me like he can. I trust him with so much. I can’t leave him here, daddy!”

Mr. Yamazaki takes a deep breath and smiles, “I’m glad you feel that way, Anya. I was making sure you still cared for him. A month can change people’s minds. I was making sure that you still wanted him to come home with us.”

“Wait, so he’s coming back with me? He’s family now?” Anya wipes the tears off her face and can’t help the small smile on her face.

“Leslie Withers is coming home with us. He has to be watched all the time, and you’ll be sharing a room with him. You know him more than anyone it seems. And he has to come back here every week for a checkup. As do you.”

Anya rushes over and throws herself into her father’s arms. “Thank you so much, daddy.” The girl is overjoyed that she’s helping someone else.

“You’re welcome, dear.”

“I’m sorry for the outburst.”

That was the evil escaping you, Anya. Are you really sorry?

“It is okay,” Mr. Yamazaki kisses the top of his daughters head. “Let’s get home now. Does that sound good?”


“Okay Leslie, this is our new room,” Anya leads Leslie into the big room of the Yamazaki home.

“New room, room,” Leslie looks around at all the space he now has to do whatever he wants.

“Yes. Do you like it?”

“Like it.”

“Good. We can put whatever we want into it.”

Leslie grabs Anya’s hand and pulls her farther into the room. “Anything. All ours.”

Anya giggles, “Yes. I want to teach you chess soon. So we can spend time doing that. And, I need to introduce you to Ember and Anya. My siblings.”

“More friends,” Leslie looks down at Anya.

“Yes, more friends, Leslie.”


“Hello Leslie, it’s nice to meet you,” Ember tenderly smiles at the boy.

“I’m glad to have another guy in the house that isn’t dad,” Sorin grins.

“Hi, hi. Nice to meet you,” Leslie looks over the two in front of me before looking at Anya.

Anya smiles and grabs Leslie’s hand, “Leslie is a boy of little words, but I think we can all be good friends.”

“Chess, chess.”

“Chess?” Ember asks. “Do you want to play some chess?”

“We can actually do a tournament of types,” Sorin says.

“Play, play, play,” Leslie squeezes Anya’s hand in a slow rhythm.

“Leslie doesn’t know how to play yet, so we have to teach him,” Anya smiles.

“We can do that, no problem.”


You are evil, Anya. Nothing will change that.

Anya shakes her head as she flings those thoughts out of her head. She’s just trying to play a simple game of chess with Leslie. “You good, Leslie?”

“Good, good. Anya?” Leslie messes with Anya’s feet under the table.

“Yes Leslie?” Anya looks up at the boy across form her.

“Voice in my head.”

“I know, me too.”

“I like you. Please don’t leave me.” He looks up with sad eyes.

“I won’t leave you Leslie. Never.”

“Guys?” Ember calls from the doorway.

“How far are they in the game?” Sorin walks into the room and stands beside Anya.

“Not very far,” Leslie answers.

“Leslie really thinks every time it is his turn,” Anya giggles.

“That’s good,” Ember walks in and stands by Leslie. “Are you winning?”

“No, no, no,” Leslie fidgets a bit in his seat.

“I think one day he will,” Anya smiles.

“Well, can we just stay in here and watch?” Ember asks.

“Sure. Is that okay Leslie?”

“Yes. Fine, fine,” Leslie moves a chess piece.

“Nice move, Leslie,” Sorin says. “Can I help?”

“No, don’t help him. He wants to learn all by himself,” Anya looks over the board for her move. “Now shush so we can continue to play.”


Evil inside of you, Anya. There is nothing you can do about it.

“Never leave me,” Leslie brings Anya into a hug.

You can’t protect him forever. You will hurt him.

“I won’t ever leave you,” Anya hugs back.

Don’t make big promises, Anya.

The two break apart and then walk hand in hand outside to join the rest of the Yamazaki family.

You can’t ignore it forever, Anya. There is evil inside of you, and you can’t run away from it.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Hope you liked it! This is the end, and I may write one more story to really wrap it up. Only if you want. I think it would be three chapters as well. Tell me what you think in the comments below! :D
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