Miss Imperfection

Raine Carsey Effington. 170 pound 17 year old with no where to go. Every night she stares at her grungy, peeling wall. Somewhere thru all that paint there was wood. And somewhere beneath that wood there was nothing. Except him.


1. 1.0

Be cautious, gory scenes are included. Enjoy!


In the corner of my eye I saw it, gleaming with the sun's light bouncing off. It was clean for once, a sharp shiny piece of metal.

"Nobody cares about you." I told myself. "Just do it they'll be better. Save them, and yourself." I couldn't hold back the urge to grab the blade and start slicing my thighs.


So I did it. It felt much better afterwards. But then all my regret hit me. Now I'd have to look at my scars when I'm changing or in the shower. I hated myself.

After I was done, my alarm for school went off. I slammed the button down. I hated the Bells, they reminded me of what id never be. Important. I threw my hair up and threw myself into some clothes that probably didn't match. Then I got in my car and started driving to highschool my favorite.

Arriving into the hallways is the worst. There are the couples, and then those girls who rush to the only other place there's ever privacy. The bathroom. And why? Because their parents won't let them wear makeup so they do it in the bathrooms. And I mean what the hell, I don't even understand foundation? It's so dry and flakey and gross. I had my headphones in and listening to get scared- demons. I saw some girls pass by me as I walked into homeroom. They were pointing at me. Then I realized it was my converses. They were my 15 year old sister's hot pink and glittery shoes. I was going to puke. I ran to her locker freaking out and hoping she had extra gym shoes or something.

I frantically did her combo and it wouldn't budge so I picked the lock. She had normal running shoes that I just took and as I turned around I saw him. His curls waving in his beautifully carved face bones. He glanced over to me with his piercing green eyes and my heart dropped. I ran even faster to my homeroom for the second time. I was mortified he had seen me like that.

After homeroom my first class is pre-calc. I hated it. I waited for the halls to be empty so I'd be alone and as I walked lazily to class, I hear someone humming to 'miss missing you' by fall out boy. I turned around and it was him. I didn't know what to do but I had to do something since I looked.

"Fall out boy?" I asked, feeling my cheeks boil.

"Yea. Great song." He smiled and his dimples popped. "I'm Harry."

"I'm Raine." I smiled, and we shook hands. His were so soft and warm. I'd love to hold them forever.

"So do you run?" He asked looking at my shoes.

"I kinda had a shoe disaster this morning like usual." I laughed and fucking embarrassed myself.

"Oh haha." He probably hated me. He had nice black shoes on. He was a good looking scene boy while I was the ugly ass.

Then i saw my sister and got ready for the drama ' she would cause.

"Kill me."

I stopped walking expecting her to murder me. Surprisingly Harry did too. I don't know why, but he looked worried. His eyebrows were up and he had deep eyes.

"Really Raine? My shoes. Why?" She looked at me with rage.

"I accidentally wore your pink shoes to school. I didn't want to Ruin them. They're in your gym locker." I shrugged. "I'm sorry Madison".

"What were you too busy cutting yourself to notice you were wearing my shoes outside the door? Go to hell." She pushed me and Harry stopped her with a light tap on her shoulder as she tried to pass him.

"What the fuck?" He looked at her pissed. She looked careless.

"What do you want?" She smirked.

"Treat people right you dick." He said straight into her face and pushed her with his shoulders as he walked towards me. He put a hand on my shoulder.

"Are you ok Raine?"

I thought about it. I was used to it but he wasn't. Yeah I did cut. It was all my fault.

"No. Thank you though." I shrugged and started feeling panicky. I started breathing really fast. He must've noticed.

"You know what fuck school lets ditch. We can go to my place I live alone." He smiled and we snuck out the back door of the wing.

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