Evan and Lily are two cousins about to discover new weird adventures, all thanks to the StrimStone, that grants anyone a powerful "hidden ability".


18. Untold Story


After the exhilarated greetings, my mom hugged me like her life depended on it. Man, that woman really loved me! I always felt so thankful for having her in my life. Her loving details were always around my life, since I had memories. After thanking Kyoko for bringing me safe, she dragged a nearby chair, made of wooden strips. She didn’t place it for me to sit on it, though. She placed it a couple of steps behind me. She explained right away:

-“Darling, I know why Kyoko brought you here today, and I want you to be standing right in front of me when you hear what I have to say. I’m sure that when you hear it all, you’ll be so shocked that you will step back and fall. So that’s what the chair is for: it will be your seating when you’re no longer able to stand because of the uncontrollable surprise…”

I thought she was joking, so I laughed. She still had that same beautiful smile on her face since the moment I entered the room. Without prior notice, she extended her arms and hugged me again. Suddenly, her eyes went watery, and her cheeks blushed slightly. “This is becoming such a pretty weird reunion!” I said. “Hahaha!” We both laughed.

-“Listen carefully, Evan.” She said, with a trembling smile, and tears in her eyes. “I wouldn’t have wanted you to know it all in this early stage of your life, Evan. You’re barely a teen, but it seems that time doesn’t wait for anyone. The purple clouds are going to appear again in the skies, as they did years ago, and therefore, you should be prepared.”

-“What is this all about, mom? You’re making me nervous… Just tell me, am I adopted?”

-“Hahaha, what!? No, no, dear… This is not about that.” She said, while letting go of me.

-“But you didn’t deny it either! So it’s true, isn’t it? I knew it!”

She replied with another laugh, and cleaned her tears with her right hand. She put her left hand in my shoulder, and stared right into my eyes with a piercing glance. She and I were exceedingly nervous. I was finally going to get all the answers I had been looking for.

-“None of us have ever talked about this in front of you before, for reasons you’ll understand in a few moments. You could say this is the only untold story of our family… And it will change your life, Evan. I’m so sorry to do this! I feel like I’m going to take your childhood away in this very moment, and I can’t stop feeling guilty, somehow.” She said.

-“You’re really starting to scare me, please just do it! Go ahead; I’ll be able to manage it.”

-“Ok...” She sighed, deeply. “It happened about… 14 years ago, the same as your age.”

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