Evan and Lily are two cousins about to discover new weird adventures, all thanks to the StrimStone, that grants anyone a powerful "hidden ability".


2. Turn the World Upside Down


After a moment, I stopped laughing at her. I had been laughing for several seconds.

-“So that’s your hidden ability!? Making your hair glow very girly and all? Hahaha.”

She looked serious, and crossed her arms. The little purple stone was still in her fist.

-“You really have no idea, Evan. It’s not that simple! My hidden ability is transforming darkness into light, in a physical way. To do that, I concentrate my energy in the darkest part of my own body: my black hair. Is a technique I invented, to focus everything I can control of this power in a single place.” She said, still with her purple glowing hair.

I stopped laughing once again… Her explanation sounded interesting, after all. Still very confused, I asked about what I wanted to know the most:

-“You said you do know my hidden ability… Which is it?”

-“I’ll remind you of an experience you had when you were just a kid. That will be the clue you’ll have to figure it out for yourself. You’ve got only one chance to guess.” She said, smiling very naughtily. I nodded, and she started:

-“When you were younger, I sometimes leaved this stone inside your teddy bear at night, along with different things under your bed, to 'test you'. You see, the only time when your brain was not wandering all around being a kid, was while sleeping. So I knew that if you held this stone all night unconsciously, while you were asleep and hugging your teddy bear, you would use your hidden ability, unconsciously as well. And you did.”

-“Stop, stop, stop… Where are you trying to get? That sounds like you spied on me! That’s not nice, Lily. Also, didn’t you say that you would remind me right away of one of my experiences? I don’t want to guess anything, Lily, just tell me!”

-“That was not spying, and yes, yes, I’m on to that.” She replied, annoyed. “The glorious experience that you need to recall is… when you wet your bed being 12 years old.”

-“What!? Are you kidding, right? What does that have to do with my hidden ability?”

-“Think about it this way: the night you wet your bed being so grown up was not your fault… It was because that night I had left a glass of water under your bed. Can’t you see what that means? It took me a while to understand what happened: you inverted the gravity inside the water, and it rose and wet your bed from underneath… Meaning your hidden ability is inverting gravity! Now you get it? You could turn the world upside down, Evan!”

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