Evan and Lily are two cousins about to discover new weird adventures, all thanks to the StrimStone, that grants anyone a powerful "hidden ability".


20. The Discovery


She finished the long reading, and said: “Evan, that brief story was your Uncle Evan’s favorite. I’m sure you’ve heard he was a geologist and archeologist, so this was the discovery that intrigued him the most. He used to say he’d uncover all the hidden mysteries of that unnamed civilization, because he believed this story to be true. But one day, after writing this page, there was a big turmoil at his camp in the ruins. His expedition crew fought against each other, wanting to take possession of the stones. In this melee, they used their hidden abilities to attack each other, so many people got hurt and some even died.”

-“I had no idea… It’s logical that some people would try to possess them, no matter what.”

-“Yes, that’s right. But there were different opinions, so two main teams were formed during that fight. As expected, the people of the crew lent the stones they had to others in their team, to attack the ones in their contrary team, respectively. Evan was the leader of the team that tried to convince the crew to make peace, and Jeff, his best friend, became the leader of the ones who tried to flee, stealing the stones. That day, Evan had brought Lily, his daughter, to the expedition with him… Trying to protect her, he was struck by a ray of light, and right before he fainted, he gave Lily the stone he had: the purple one. But while Lily was trying to pick him up, she was also struck. The Mirror Twins appeared to help, because they were on the same side. Taking the purple stone from Lily’s hand, a twin reflected all rays, until one struck Jeff. The twins escaped, taking away Evan and Lily, both unconscious… But the hidden ability of the one shooting those rays was ‘bringing anything to a primal form’, so Lily, Evan, and Jeff transformed into babies… and lost their memory.

-“Wait, wait, wait! Are you… serious!? Are you trying to say that… that I –I am…?” I said, shocked, quickly stepping back, and falling into the wooden chair.

-“Yes, Evan.” She said. “You are ‘Uncle Evan’, Lily’s father, and the person in this story. You lost all of your memories back then, and that didn’t happen only to you. Lily recovered her memories later; that’s when she tested you with the teddy bear and the glass of water, to confirm that your hidden ability remained the same. And apparently, Jeff has recovered his memories as well, very recently. That’s why he is assembling a team again: he’s trying to gather the four stones to unlock, what he believes, is a ‘second hidden ability’. Evan, even though it was you who discovered the ancient precious stones… This, the discovery of your own identity, is your most important discovery! And that’s saying a lot, because you’ve made awesome discoveries before, even if you can’t recall any of them…! I know you need time to process all this, but you need to take a decision, now, on how to proceed!”

-“I already decided.” I said. “I’ll stop Jeff at all costs, and I’ll solve any pending mystery.”


The End... Or is it?

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