Evan and Lily are two cousins about to discover new weird adventures, all thanks to the StrimStone, that grants anyone a powerful "hidden ability".


12. Superior Force


-“Whoa! You’re even able to do something like this, Evan? So, you still remember your old tricks, after all.” He said, jumping off from the floating floor under his feet. He landed and quickly ran to me. He threw more grains of dust, which instantly turned into stones again. This time, I send most of them flying away. He kept repeating his moves, but I was quickly catching up to them. Those “things” felt more like solidified soil balls than actual rocks.

-“From where exactly do you know me?” I asked him, trying to sound interested.

-“Oh, come on! Stop it already, Evan! You even remember how to use the StrimStone, but you don’t remember about me, your own brother!” He said, very irritated.

What!? Did I have a brother I didn’t know about!? Well, his answer was unexpected and surprising… It didn’t felt like he was lying to me, but it didn’t felt like he was saying the whole truth, either. As far as I could remember, I had spent my whole life traveling from one place to another with my dad... It was impossible that I had had a younger brother, and had later forgotten everything about him. It didn’t seem logical, and it didn’t feel right.

The little guy got a serious expression in his face, and moved far away from me, jumping backwards several times without taking his glance off me. He then extended both of his arms. His right hand was holding a slingshot that he took off his pocket.

-“Just you wait… You’ll not be able to manage real heavyweight objects” He said. Then, he hurried to pick up a lot of middle-sized rocks and pieces of concrete from different points of the nearness, and quickly threw them with his slingshot to the sky, in my direction. All those pieces grew to an incredible immense size in the air, as I stared upward.

-“I’ll be able to defend everyone… Thanks to you, Lily, because you already challenged me once to use the StrimStone in a ‘life-or-death’ situation: when we got stuck into that cave. It really felt like the end for me, or well, for both of us! But you gave me the one thing I needed back then: a new hope.” I said to her in my thoughts, with a subtle smile. Then, I shouted loudly: “Thank you, Lily, for explaining me so well my own hidden ability!”

I quickly raised my hand with the StrimStone in it, and the boulders stopped falling; they stayed in the air, floating... I knew it! I could handle that! The boy looked at me, confused.

-“You see, I don’t actually ‘control’ or ‘lift’ any object by myself with my hidden ability.” I said. “What I can control is only one thing… gravity! And is the absence of that gravity on Earth the only responsible for ‘lifting’ anything, on its own. So, no matter how heavy an object is, it means no sweat for the superior force of gravity, and for its absence as well.”

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