Evan and Lily are two cousins about to discover new weird adventures, all thanks to the StrimStone, that grants anyone a powerful "hidden ability".


11. Stone vs. Stone


We were finally a few meters away from each other. The small boy, silent, bent down to the ground to do something… He was picking up some dirt. He smiled, and then threw some dust to me. The next thing I knew was that the grains of dust became little stones in the air, and some of they beat me harder that anything I could have expected immediately.

-“That brave look of yours, and that way of walking directly into your enemy… There’s a slim line between being brave and being a plain fool, and you just crossed it.” Said the boy to me, laughing in a way that was familiar to me... In a thoughtless act, and almost moved by the pain, I lifted him into the air with the power of the StrimStone, and tossed him apart like a simple doll. He fell hard, but immediately raised up.

-“StrimStone vs. AskroStone... Stone vs. stone! Sounds so promising, right? But in fact, it’s sooo boring… Because, what entertainment is in already knowing the ending of a battle?”

I couldn’t figure out what his hidden ability was, but I knew it would be a point in my favor to discover it, and quickly. Interestingly enough, the first clue came from the boy’s mouth...

-“Didn’t that cave felt larger when you both came out of it than when you entered?” He asked to me, giggling. “It’s because it was… You see, sometimes I can barely contain the power of my second hidden ability. Sometimes, it affects objects nearby my body, he-he!”

Lily seemed scared when she heard those words. My gesture of anger didn’t seem to have any effect on him. Conversely, he was practically mocking me with his giggles.

-“Lily, we really need to know his hidden ability!” I shouted to her.

-“Evan… Remember that they say this stones reflect what’s inside of the mind and soul of the holder…” She said. “It’s a reflection of anyone’s character. Listen, I know who this kid is. I mean, I know his true identity, so I can assure you that he’s the most exaggerated person I’ve ever known. If that’s how his personality is, I think I understand his hidden ability as well. Evan, think about what he just did: he transformed the dust grains into stones, by making them grow an awful lot. Just like that cave… He increased their size!”

-“You got it quickly, as always!” The boy said to her. He displayed a great confidence while he spoke... “But as I already said, we all know the ending of this story, right, Evan?”

-“I don’t think so. Sometimes, you get a different ending than the one you expected!” I replied in a loud voice, raising a portion of the floor beneath his feet, tearing from the ground all the pieces of concrete it had, and dismantling the whole highway in the process.

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