Evan and Lily are two cousins about to discover new weird adventures, all thanks to the StrimStone, that grants anyone a powerful "hidden ability".


5. She Lied to Me


I stayed in my bedroom for a long time. Well, if you could call that tiny space inside my father’s trailer a “bedroom”, that is. But that space was mine, only and completely mine, and that’s what mattered the most to me. I… really didn’t want to be mad at her. I mean, she was always kind to me, and to say the truth (with how much I hate to admit it), I’ve always admired her. Just… Just come on! Lily has always been a smart and intrepid girl! I’ve wondered so many times how does she have such a high courage! Also, whenever I needed trustworthy ears to express myself, she was there for me. She didn’t have idea of how much I really, really admired her… In so many aspects.

I got out of the bed, and stepped out of my room. My aunt Tara was reading the newspaper there, sited in our small couch. I sighed loudly. She stared at me, and gave another small gulp to her hot coffee.

-“I think you should just forget about it, Evan.”

-“The-The fact that… She… She Lied to me. How could I just ‘forget’ about that?”

-“So you’re more concerned about she lying to you, than about she putting your life at risk?” She asked with a surprised voice, raising her eyebrows.

I didn’t reply, and walked to the door of the trailer, that was wide open. When I was about to get out, she took my wrist in a hurry.

-“She must have had a good reason to do it. I’d trust her more if I were you, you know? I mean, I know that what she did was wrong; believe me, she’ll be punished for it. But still, I do know very well my own daughter, and I refuse to think she did something to harm someone, especially you.” She said, while releasing my wrist.

-“Aunt, what is exactly this… ‘StrimStone’? Tell me aaaaall about it.” I asked promptly.

She turned her glance to the roof, almost ignoring me, and finally whispered “It’s hard to put it into words… There’s just so much about it. But please understand that you were not even meant to know about it. It would be better if you just forget about it too.”

I sighed again, staring at the starry night outside. I was amazed that it was that late already. She told me that my father would come back soon, and then she was going to leave. “So she’s still here only as my nanny”, I thought. Lily was walking out there, in the middle of the nocturnal darkness as black as her hair. The night was filled with tiny noises of crickets all around the place. I felt so disappointed, and I didn’t really know what to think at all.

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