Evan and Lily are two cousins about to discover new weird adventures, all thanks to the StrimStone, that grants anyone a powerful "hidden ability".


3. Reverse Rain


-“You truly believe that? I… think you have too much trust in me.”

-“Of course! But now isn’t the time to philosophize about what you can or can’t accomplish with your hidden ability. Let’s talk about that later… Evan, let’s get out of here!”

-“But how exactly?” I asked her.

-“Hold this in your hand, and just do what you do.”

She quickly gave the little purple stone to me. Her light didn’t go off, despite that now, it was me who was holding it. I felt curious about that, but my excitement was superior to my curiosity, so I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate immediately. Nothing happened. She remained motionless, just staring at me. A couple of minutes passed.

-“Uh, oh… I think we might have a problem. I can’t do it.” I said, very scared.

-“Are you giving up already? Come on... Tell me, what are you trying to do?”

-“I’m trying to make us float to escape this place, of course.” I replied.

-“And that’s why it didn’t work. You are trying something completely new all of a sudden, as if you were not so inexperienced at this. Listen to me: try something your mind is familiar with.”

-“Hahaha! Lily! I haven’t even held this stone before. I have nothing familiar with it!”

-“Are you sure? If you heard my explanation about how I discovered your hidden ability, then you should know you’re familiar with something… Water.”

My gaze turned downward. I suddenly realized that that was what we were surrounded of: gallons and gallons of water. We both smiled. I don’t know why, but I felt truly inspired. Tiny cold droplets started floating all around us. I was so nervous, but I let the energy continue flowing through my body. I don’t even know how it happened, it just did. The water rose higher and higher, with overflowing power. Those great water streams made the peculiar sound of water colliding, as they ascended over my cousin’s purple flaring head.

-“Look, I knew you could do it. Isn’t it marvelous? You created a reverse rain!” She said.

Oh man, I felt so proud of myself! After a brief moment, our ship struck the dry floor. We both looked upward, amazed of how all the water was floating high, touching the ceiling of the cave. It was so weird… She rapidly took my hand and started running. I did the same.

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