Evan and Lily are two cousins about to discover new weird adventures, all thanks to the StrimStone, that grants anyone a powerful "hidden ability".


9. Orange Version


The kid tried to call our attention, but I didn’t stop running until I reached my father. I felt that somehow, he had all the answers to all this madness.

-“I’m so sorry, father… I couldn’t help you! Someone locked me in my own room!”

As my aunt Tara lifted him up, he talked to me… “Listen carefully, Evan. It was me who locked you in your room, not any enemy. It was because I knew we were being followed, and I didn’t have the time to explain it all… But I didn’t think it would come to

My aunt interrupted him, saying “Quiet, Ed, I’ll explain everything to him, later. Now we need to give you medical attention immediately! Evan, help me with him, we must take him to my trailer quickly!”

My aunt could hardly keep him standing; she wasn’t physically strong enough. Lily and I tried to help, but my father wouldn’t allow it. Instead, very worried, he talked to me…

-“Evan, get out of here. Lily was right, she warned Tara, and Tara talked to me about this. These men are extremely dangerous, even more than we thought! It’s time that you understand all of this, as well. You, all of you, don’t come to help me, please. Instead, you need to get going… as far away as possible. Flee now that you can!”

-“You’re talking nonsense, father. We’ll take you to the hospital right now!”

-“Noo! Just listen, Evan! Look there! Do you see him? That… That is no ordinary kid. And he has the orange version of the StrimStone… The AskroStone! You really must flee now!”

The small boy with the red cap approached slowly, with an evil smile. He came walking, throwing lightly into the air a small, orange, precious stone, and catching it right away again and again. “The AskroStone…” I whispered to myself. My father continued talking…

-“He’s not the kid you think, be careful! Run! He’s my… He’s… He’s an adult that was transformed into a kid, by the power of the last user of the StrimStone! Don’t ever let him have both stones, do you hear me? That strong man in the trailer… He was using that orange AskroStone to attack us! They are companions! But I’m sure he’s still alive, despite that car crash. Evan, both of them are a danger, but I’d said this kid is the worst…!”

I could feel my blood boiling from anger. So, this was the doing of that little brat…

-“So he’s got that AskroStone…” I said, loudly. “Fine, but I’ve got the StrimStone now. And you know what? I wonder which one is stronger…”

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