Evan and Lily are two cousins about to discover new weird adventures, all thanks to the StrimStone, that grants anyone a powerful "hidden ability".


13. Nocturnal Cloak


He got angry and moved away, and then started throwing more giant boulders at me. I was depleting my physical energy from using the StrimStone this much, because I kept on turning them aside every time… I didn’t have any plans to counterattack. I can’t lie: I was still scared deep inside. The sweat felt from my face freely, as he threw what seemed sparkles into the night sky. They were glass shards, and turned to pieces the size of a human body as they felt around us, noisily. The crashing sounds made Lily and my aunt go nervous, because some pieces managed to fall nearby, and cracked while crashing into the floor with a tense sound, bouncing all around.

If being stuck at the cave with Lily was a life-or-death situation, this was a more massive danger, without a doubt. Not a danger for just my own life, but for theirs as well.

-“This guy is insane! What are we going to do now!?” I screamed to Lily. “We really need to escape… Mother, are you ready?” said Lily. I could hear then the loud voice of my aunt:

-“Yes, I already assisted Ed! Come here, Lily! Let’s wear the Nocturnal Cloak right now!”

Lily ran to my aunt, as she told her to. When they were together holding hands, a strange black mist quickly surrounded the environment. This wasn’t a normal mist: it was extremely dense. The small boy and I were so confused! I just stayed there, standing perplexed in the same place. The night sky was falling over us almost literally, transmitting its black color all around. The shadows engulfed the colors, while the bright lights faded completely. In the middle of the complete darkness, I felt a soft hand touching my arm.

Lily’s voice told me to follow her while every person in the place was blinded by that penetrating black color. The hand guided me to the trailer, until we were all seating there. The darkness was still intense, and I could only orientate myself by touching around. The sounds of the cars and the confused people nearby, as well as the boy’s voice while trying to find us, was interrupted by the raging sound of the trailer’s motor. My aunt Tara told me:

-“Evan, didn’t you notice how the sky turned dark pretty early today? It was not this late, but still the sky was already black… In fact, you slept less than twenty minutes into your trailer, and only passed a few minutes from the moment I was speaking to your father until the moment your trailer was invaded… So it’s still about 6 p.m.! Lily told you about her hidden ability, didn’t she? Well, this time we’re using the inverse power of that hidden ability. Normally, it transforms darkness into light, but today we transformed light into darkness. We covered all the sunlight from the sky with this technique, the Nocturnal Cloak, while you were asleep. It was a preventive measure… for a possible emergency.”

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