Evan and Lily are two cousins about to discover new weird adventures, all thanks to the StrimStone, that grants anyone a powerful "hidden ability".


14. Night Vision


The darkness faded away gradually as we got further away. I’m sure all the people back there remained shocked. That blackout bomb was really effective for escaping! My father seemed alright in the front seat, he wasn’t as hurt as I though. He seemed tired, though. My aunt was busy, making some calls from her cellphone. Lily got close to me, and said:

-“About this ‘Nocturnal Cloak’, the truth is that I started it when I was walking out of your trailer and you were still awake, so I’m sure you noticed the darkening in the sky. Walking helps my concentration. When I finished, I climbed up to your trailer to check for myself if it seemed real, avoiding interruptions of trees covering the skies when I looked upward.”

-“You’re right, I noticed! So, that was it! And you entered my room from above during that attack because you were already seating up there! I’m sooo glad you were there! Anyways, I have so many questions at this point! To begin with, tell me: did you really… know him?”

-“The boy with the red cap? It’s complicated, but yes. I recognized him when he said that he could barely contain his power. He’s dangerous; he’s in search of more power, and he wants revenge… on the one who turned him into a little kid. The very moment I told you about his hidden ability, he knew I had recognized him. After all, he also knows me well.”

-“Lily, is he really my brother? I’ve got a feeling that I can’t remember a lot of things!”

-“Forget about him for now, there’s something else I need to tell you! Evan, I have to admit that I planned that trip to that specific river with you, knowing that a rapid current would get us stuck into the cave. I did it because I needed a situation like that one to teach you about the StrimStone, and my mother knew about it. When she scolded me in front of you for doing that, she was acting, because she supported me all along. She also knew that danger was extremely close to us and that you needed to learn about the StrimStone soon!”

-“Well, that’s a real surprise. I didn’t imagine she would also be involved in that. Lily, I've got another burning question: how did you find me in that heavy darkness, minutes ago?”

-“Ahhh… The same way I can make my hair glow purple, don’t you remember?” She replied. “What I do is concentrate my energy in the darkest part of my own body. For doing so, I used not my black hair, but the black pupils in my eyes. I turned them into literal flashlights! Pretty cool, huh? But no one could see me there, because the darkness in front of their own eyes was thicker than the light in mines. It’s a special bonus, if you ask me!”

-“Are you saying that you had night vision and were invisible to them at the same time!? So cool! Hahaha! But a technique like that would be extremely difficult, is it really possible?”

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