Evan and Lily are two cousins about to discover new weird adventures, all thanks to the StrimStone, that grants anyone a powerful "hidden ability".


17. Mirror Twins


-“Evan, are you still awake?” said Lily, staring at the ceiling, while I was lying down in the small pad that Hugo, The Salamander, had given me as a bed after dinner. I answered turning my face to her, “Yes, barely. What’s the matter?” A brief echo could be heard as we talked in that somber, mostly-empty little habitation. Lily sat down in her own pad.

-“As you know, we left all our stuff in my mom’s trailer, so our only way to communicate again with them is through my mom’s cellphone, which is in her bag. The problem is that I’ve tried to call your dad many times, but I had no signal at all. I figured it must be because we’re far below the earth’s surface, so tomorrow I’ll have to get out of The Grottos to make a call. I’ll tell them where we are, so that they can come for us. But you know what that means, right? You’ll have to keep going without me, or you will not reach your mom’s place before they catch up with you, meaning this would have been for nothing. Don’t worry though; I’ve talked with Hugo, and one of the Mirror Twins will go with you.”

-“Mirror Twins... Let me guess, that one’s another nickname based on their hidden ability.” I said. The truth is, I was too tired to ask anything else, so I quickly faded away in a deep slumber. The night was like minutes to me. Lily woke me up jumping all over me! “Evan! Evan! It’s time to get going! Wake uuup!” She shouted. I replied with an enormous yawn.

-“You were so sleepy yesterday that you didn’t even… Just look at this! Ok?” She said, casually putting a light-green, smooth stone into my right hand, while I scratched my hair with the left one. I stared at it, confused. She instantly explained, “This is… practically another AskroStone. Instead of orange, you could say this is the ‘Green Version’, though.”

-“Wait, you had this all along!?” I shouted. “Shhhhh! My mom did, not I! I found it yesterday in her purse; I honestly thought we only had the StrimStone... I took her purse because we were probably going to need her cellphone, the StrimStone, and maybe some money, but I wasn’t expecting that!” She replied, trying to keep her voice down.

We proceeded with our plan without telling anyone about the “Green Version” stone. Lily leaved with The Salamander to the closest entrance to The Grottos, and I left with the Asian girl who was waiting for me in the main tunnel, Kyoko. She was a nice person, I guess, but the few times she talked, her voice was as emotionless as a mannequin’s would be. She avoided eye contact with me at all times, for some reason. Even when I tried to make small talk or ask her about her nickname, she practically ended up ignoring me. We barely chatted through the whole journey, which was longer and more boring to me than it could have been. The hours passed, and Kyoko finally guided me to a door, and knocked. I reacted with uncontrolled emotion when my mom, with a smile, opened the door.

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