Evan and Lily are two cousins about to discover new weird adventures, all thanks to the StrimStone, that grants anyone a powerful "hidden ability".


10. Last Gift


The boy and I started to get closer to each other. We kept approaching, silently, slowly, as my aunt took my father to her trailer, almost by force. My father kept yelling to me that I should run away, and that I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.

But I had decided it: I had enough of being just a scared child... I didn’t stop; not even when my aunt called me from her trailer, and not even when Lily tried to take me back. Lily had such a persevering spirit, but there was no turning back for me this time. I felt that I could win, no matter what kind of strange hidden ability this boy had.

-“The StrimStone…” said Lily to me, with tears in her eyes… “It was the last gift that my father gave me before he departed. I’ve grown so attached to it because of him. Evan, I’m telling you this because… Because I don’t want to lose you too, just as I lost him…”

-“So, that’s it… Something far beyond the power it grants… Now I understand.” I thought to myself. In that moment, I no longer wondered why she had compared this stone before to “something special like contemplating purple clouds in the sky”. After all, the purple clouds had always had a sentimental meaning for Lily… She had always said that they reminded her about her departed father, my Uncle Evan, for some reason.

I’ve heard that it was my Uncle Evan who inspired my father to be a geologist, in the first place. He really must have been a great man, because my aunt Tara told me that my mom became immediately convinced that my name had to be just like her big brother’s, when it was announced that she was having a baby boy… Yes, I was named after my Uncle Evan. They say my father approved it immediately, even being as skeptical as he is.

About my uncle, they also say he was an adventurous man, always getting in trouble in so many geological expeditions… until one of them costed him his own life. The worst is that I lost two uncles in one day, because my mother’s little brother, my Uncle Jeff, was with him when that happened… Strange how no one seemed to know much about that accident. I think that luckily, or not so luckily, Lily is a little older than me, so she must remember their faces well... Because I didn’t, since I was such a little baby. I didn’t remember a thing.

Coming back to the present once again, I admit that I couldn’t believe that something that started as another common trip with Lily and my aunt Tara had gotten us into this kind of situation. If I hadn’t been present in that place that night, I wouldn’t believe it myself.

-“So you feel prepared to battle me, huh, Evan?” said the boy with the red cap.

-“How… How do you even know me!?” I asked him annoyed, demanding an explanation.

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