Evan and Lily are two cousins about to discover new weird adventures, all thanks to the StrimStone, that grants anyone a powerful "hidden ability".


4. Is That True?


We finally did it. Gasping, we looked at each other when the light at the end of the tunnel was in front of us, literally. The cave felt larger than what I remembered. The water floated until the cave’s entrance, where the river flowed towards it. We stepped on the riverside, and Lily asked me to give her the stone, and so I did. Instantly, the river’s water felt with a crushing strength, splashing all around.

-“We were already very wet, anyways.” I said. She smiled. Immediately after that, she looked up. I tried to follow the direction of her gaze, and I saw it too. It was a small boy, way smaller than me. He was sitting in a mossy branch of a nearby tree, staring astonished at us. His little red cap was backwards in his red hair. Lily approached him.

-“You didn’t see anything. Do you hear me? Absolutely nothing happened here!” She said.

The child nodded, scared. Lily told me to get going. I obeyed her every command in that moment. I guess I was too shocked yet to think on my own. In the walk back to the camp, she remained very silent, as if she were thinking deeply about something.

-“Well, we’re here again, sound and safe!” She said, happily.

-“Hey little fellows, where have you been?” said Tara, Lily’s mother. Their physical resemblance was amazing, everyone thought so. Lily was sometimes referred to as “Tara’s little clone” by their friends. Lily started explaining to my aunt Tara how we ended up stuck on a boat inside a cave.

-“We were navigating in the river, and a rapid current took us by surprise…”

My aunt Tara seemed very upset. I was expecting the traditional “What were you thinking!?” kind of scolding. But instead, to my surprise, she said:

-“Lily, please tell me I’m wrong by thinking that you did this on purpose again… just to show the StrimStone to someone.” My aunt seemed rather worried than angry now.

-“I’m sorry, Evan. You… were not supposed to be involved in this. You see, we are not allowed to talk to anyone about the StrimStone, unless we’re in a life-or-death situation, and our hidden ability can’t help us get out of it. So, I’m afraid that Lily may have provoked that situation, just to be able to tell you that secret of hers. It wouldn’t be the first time she does it. I’m really sorr” But without letting her finish, I asked Lily:

-“Is that true? Lily, is that true?” But she, once more, remained silent…

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