Evan and Lily are two cousins about to discover new weird adventures, all thanks to the StrimStone, that grants anyone a powerful "hidden ability".


6. Get Us Out of Here!


My father came home soon, just like my aunt Tara said. I watched them talking outside through the small window in my room. He looked worried somehow to me, and kept nodding at her. I felt very tired, so I went to my bed again. I felt asleep very quickly, just to be awakened by the movement of the trailer, advancing in a highway. How weird! I could have sworn that my dad planned to stay in that countryside place for some more days, before moving to the next place.

My life was like that, frequently moving from one place to another. My father worked as a geologist, and my aunt was a philanthropist, and they worked together and moved continuously. Lily and I were always close because of that. My longest period on any school was like three months, I think. I was always “the shy new guy”, while Lily was always “the popular new girl”, and made friendships real quick in any place. She always got the best grades one can imagine, without much effort… But, enough talking about her again! I was still mad at her, anyways!

The movements of the trailer became more sloppy and violent as the seconds passed right away. I was starting to feel uncomfortable with it, and that’s saying much, since I was used to sleep deeply, despite the sudden movements on trips.

-“Dad, is everything ok?” I asked. I got no answer from him. I repeated the question, raising my voice, but still nothing. “Hmmm… It’s very unusual for him not to answer”, I thought. I decided to open the door that connected my small “room” with the main “living room” of the trailer, since the turbulent movements worsened. I tried to open the door, but it didn’t budge. I used all my strength, but it felt like it had been locked. Was I trapped inside my own room? Something must have happened to my dad! I panicked and starting shouting for help, and hit the door progressively harder. I was scared and confused…

The rooftop cracked, as a manly big hand stripped the metal surface out of it. That man treated the steel as if it were paperboard! A familiar voice called my name… The flashing lights of the street on the outside blinded my sight for a moment. Without knowing how, someone entered my room from above, through the gap. It was not the man, I could tell because his hands were still bending the metal roof with a crashing sound. The silhouette said something like “Shhh… I’m here now; it will all be just fine. Come with me!”

Maybe it was because of how scared I was, but I couldn’t recognize that voice. But I surely could recognize those purple sparkles through the darkness…“Lily!? Wha-What’s going on!?” I cried. She came closer and hugged me… “There’s no time to explain. Evan, use this, get us out of here! NOW!!!” She said, putting her little stone once again in my hand.

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