Evan and Lily are two cousins about to discover new weird adventures, all thanks to the StrimStone, that grants anyone a powerful "hidden ability".


7. Float Away


What was this, all of a sudden? Too many things were happening! Lily trusted too much in me, and I just couldn’t disappoint her trust. Maybe I felt this way because she had always believed in me, even in harsh times, when even I couldn’t trust myself. And this was clearly one of those times.

-“Lily… You… You’ve always believed so much in me! You have always put too much trust in someone that has nothing to offer, but weakness and insecurities.”

-“Is that it? You are talking like someone with no motivation, no vision whatsoever.” She replied. “I managed to get here through that hole, that this man is opening, and it wasn’t to die here with you. I believed we could get out of here together, and I still do.”

-“Lily, my father! I don’t know where is he! I don’t know who is that man, help me!”

The enormous hand finished destroying a portion of the roof, and the other hand came in, to open widely the hole. He, whoever he was, was definitely trying to get it… We were going to be destroyed easily if he would’ve wanted to. I started crying in desperation, and Lily hugged me with more strength, saying to me “Evan, you’re a strong person, don’t let this situation freak you out! You need to focus, use the StrimStone to make us float away, in the air… You can do it, come on!”

-“I have only done this before with water, don’t you remember?” I cried. “It’s no use.”

She quickly replied, “But we humans are mostly water as well, aren’t we!? Don’t discourage yourself like this. Are you really giving up without even trying?”

 -“Look!” I said, pointing my index finger to the strange man, who had managed to literally rip apart the metallic materials of the roof and walls by now, and was already entering the room, slowly. An obscure crimson, unbuttoned vest barely covered his torso. His face, slightly covered by his long hair, showed no emotion whatsoever. He looked zombified and malevolent. I was amazed of his size, as well as of his enormous muscles. My room had been practically torn apart by this monster, even though I didn’t even know him.

-“Danger is real, fear is a choice. Is this how you’ve planned to leave this world!?”

She just finished saying that, and she jumped out of the trailer in full motion, with me still in her arms. My eyes were closed, my heart throbbed as if it were about to get out of my chest, and my hopes were crashing in the floor. That was the most horrifying experience I had so far. Lily held me tightly, as we moved in the air like a feather.

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