Evan and Lily are two cousins about to discover new weird adventures, all thanks to the StrimStone, that grants anyone a powerful "hidden ability".


19. Expedition No.167


-“You know what!? This is not the right way to begin! You should hear something else first…” She interrupted herself. She stood up and walked towards a big shelf, full of books. From one of the books, she took out a yellowish paper, and unfolded it. “This is a page of your Uncle Evan’s journal. He summarized here the story of the ancient precious stones.”

She started reading: “Expedition No.167, Seventh Month – Third Week. Current ‘General’ Investigation: Remains and relics of an unknown and still unnamed civilization. Current ‘Specific’ Investigation: Ancient precious stones. Description of the Finding: The four precious stones were found six months ago, in what seemed to be an important building at the center of the ruins. Notes (I): Our team is still trying to decipher their exact crystallographic and chemical composition. Notes (II) – Top Secret: These stones seem to grant a supernatural ability to anyone who holds them. The effect is exactly the same with any of them so far, but the way they react is different with every person. To this phenomenon, we’ve called every person’s ‘hidden ability’. There are no records of anyone presenting more than a single 'hidden ability', but our tests in the matter have just begun.”

-“Did you know all of that?” She asked. “Emmm… More or less.” I replied. She continued:

-“Main Section: The team has been working really hard for the past months, and today, the translation of the rock plates was finally completed. They tell an extensive story about those stones, which I have summarized here, adding my own interpretation of some phrases into modern English: A long time ago, there was a powerful civilization that wielded special powers in this region. It extended its reign across the entire continent, and the main branch of the royal family had the subdivisions of this reign under its command. The benevolent king had three sons and one daughter, to whom he would trust his powers and knowledge. His sons’ names were Druh, Phent, and Askro. His daughter was called Strim.

When his descendants became adult, they gathered at his father deathbed, as he was terribly sick. He needed to proclaim a successor, but instead of choosing one, he selected all of them to rule at once, to maintain balance and avoid conflicts. He placed special items in the hands of each one of them, which were pieces of his own mighty, sky-blue, apatite precious stone. This apatite stone was the secret source of the king’s fantastic powers, but only the king knew about it in the whole continent. In Druh’s hands, the piece became a yellow sphene; in Phent’s hands, it became a green emerald; in Askro’s hands, the piece was transformed into an orange amber stone; and in Strim’s hands, into a purple amethyst. The original power of the king’s stone remained alive in each of them, but by being fragmented, it changed into– I’m not sure how to properly translate this final word.”

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