Evan and Lily are two cousins about to discover new weird adventures, all thanks to the StrimStone, that grants anyone a powerful "hidden ability".


8. A Single Thread


-“The future and the present, the past, and the whole timeline of a life is a single thread, every moment is connected to the others. Your present is true, and so is your past, but then again, so is your future. Seeing yourself only as you are in this very moment is so wrong, because you are also the kid you were years ago, and at the same time, you’re the man you’ll become in some years from now.” said Lily. Her soft voice was the perfect medicine to my affliction, and her soothing words were pure dynamite inside my void.

I still didn’t know what was happening, but in that moment, I knew I could really count on her. Wasn’t I mad at her? It didn’t matter anymore. My eyes went open real slow as she spoke. She said all that with such sincerity and braveness, that I felt embarrassed to look directly into her eyes, so I looked away.

Lily and I were still floating somehow, but also moving at a tremendous speed, in the air. It really was me who was doing that possible, but my mind was almost working it all out on its own. I turned to see the trailer of Lily’s mother… It was driving faster and faster, and seemed to be in the pursuit of my father’s trailer. We were at the side of the action, floating aside of the road, and from afar I could saw that muscular man tearing apart with ease the same door that had prevented me from escaping my own room.

Suddenly, I saw how my father jumped off from the front seat of the trailer, falling and rolling into the floor. The other man was still in the trailer, as it crashed violently against an enormous, leafy tree, adjacent to the highway. My aunt’s trailer stopped at a close distance. Lily and I landed softly, and I promptly started running toward my father, who was lying in the floor, far away from me.

The cars that passed by ignored the main event, and tried to just maneuver around to avoid the pieces of metal and glass dispersed on the highway. Some beeped loudly, and a couple of them stopped nearby the area, just to see better what had just happened. It was all a total mess, and a dark column of smoke was rising from the crashed trailer’s motor. My father was hurting, but not unconscious. As he saw me running to him, he tried to stop me, by yelling me to go. Of course I ignored that, and kept running. Lily followed me, and my aunt Tara stepped out of her trailer to help.

A childish voice resounded in my ears while a kid shouted something like “Hey, you!!!”… The small boy that Lily and I had seen earlier at the riverside was there, with his little red cap on. His crossed arms and his familiar face made me feel even more uncomfortable than I already was… What was he doing in this place, to begin with?

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