Evan and Lily are two cousins about to discover new weird adventures, all thanks to the StrimStone, that grants anyone a powerful "hidden ability".


15. A Different Path


-“Yes, Evan, it is possible. But of course, I couldn’t have done it on my own!” said Lily. “I got help, from someone who has my exact same hidden ability: Tara, my mom.”

I was going to ask her more about it, but I got distracted as I noticed that my aunt Tara was parking at a gas station. My father, who sat on the passenger’s seating, seemed to have dozed off a while ago. Lily seemed impatient. The instant my aunt walked out of the car, Lily took my aunt’s bag swiftly and with great caution. She came close to me and whispered in my ear “Follow me; we’ve got to get out of here!”

-“What!?” I said, staring at her. A couple of hours had passed since the incident. I think my aunt just wanted to keep going as far as possible from the place where everything became pure madness. The sky was dark again, but this time, that was because it was actually late.

-“Evan, you need to trust me. Please, follow me.” She insisted, silently opening her door.

-“I’m not leaving… Not until you tell me who that boy with the red cap was.” I replied.

-“Ashhh… Ok, you win. I’ll tell you when we get to ‘that’ place. Now, come on…”

-“No, no, no! I need to know this–NOW.” I said. “Seriously.” She rolled her eyes and then nodded reluctantly, and whispered into my ear. “That boy was a friend of yours, a long time ago, Ok!? He’s not your biological brother, but you two were so close that you saw each other as ‘brothers’. I know you can’t recall it in this moment, but it’s the sole truth.”

-“Time after time, instead of getting answers, I keep on collecting more questions.”

-“Ah… I know, I know! But that’s why we need–to–get–going!”

-“Lily… I trust you, you know I really do. But escaping from your mother’s trailer… What are you thinking? Are you going to at least tell me where are we supposed to go?”

-“Yesss! We’re going to the ‘place of answers’. You wanted answers, right? By staying here, you won’t get them. That’s why we’re taking a different path. Don’t worry; we’ll be reunited with all of them later on. I’m sure that even Ed, your father, agrees with me on this: you need to know it all. Only my mother keeps thinking that you shouldn’t get involved. The problem is… You already are. And knowing nothing of this situation has now become extremely dangerous for you.” She said. Then, she stared at me, waiting.

-“So… Where is this place, exactly?” I asked, as I stood up. I opened the door, making sure to not make a sound. She smiled and got out of the trailer, slowly. And so did I.

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