My Monster

After Iron met Nora his life was complete, and for once he felt alive. He felt young. After Nora had their children everything was fine for a year, but soon there is a darkness. In this darkness lies the a god, a god that is feared my many. Iron isn't one to be scared off, and as he gets closer he finally sees whats coming. Iron is in a pool of blood, but will stop at nothing to protect what is his. Angels and demons will clash for one last battle. Before the darkness reaches them. A darkness that's coming for them all.


23. The Walking Dead

As I stood to go follow her the lights went out, and a stench went through the house. A stench that smelled of rotting flesh. I heard a scream come from upstairs, and I ran to the stairs to see Nora running back down. Her eyes met mine, and all I got from them was panic. She went behind me, and I could hear her heart beat ever so hard. I grabbed her hand, “What’s wrong?” As she was about to answer the smell intensified, and as I gazed up I frowned. Beozims.  They’re what mortals called zombies, but the shot to head doesn’t kill them, nor does a virus create them. Instead a demon is able to create them, this demon is known as a banshee. I could feel Nora put her flame on, and I let my wings burst out of my back. Also another thing, they run. As they closed in on us I grabbed Nora, and took to the air. 

Nora looked up at me, “Are those-” “yep, zombies” I said before she could finish her sentence. I looked around the house through the tons of zombies to see a woman, or more like the corpse of a woman. My wife Maria. I looked through my mind trying to remember how I forgot I killed her, how I made up how she died. Her body was torn in several places, and something in me started to rise. Pain, uncertainty, how would I tell Nora that I killed Maria. There was a question that still lingered, if Maria was dead then who was the woman that tried to kill us a year ago with Alohara? She looked exactly like her, and they stated that Doom was her father. Doom was the god of death before me, so that would make the girl the a god in some ways. “I’m gonna drop you okay, and I want you to do the llbifrea.” She nodded as her eyes went fire red, and before I dropped her she kissed me. As she fell down she curved into a ball, and flames burst from around her. As she hit the ground fire went everywhere, and half of the zombies fell to the ground.  

I looked around slowly, “Ahazu, god of the night. Snatch the souls that have been taken from your sight.” One by one the zombies began to get snatched into the earth. I heard the laugh of Ahazu, and slowly the floor of my house started to make a world pool. Nora looked at me and held up her arms, and I quickly swooped down to pick her up. As she wrapped her arms around my body a scream went through the house, a scream that was a wail. Glass around us began to burst, and Nora buried her face into my chest. I knew that wail, that cry. It was none other than one from a banshee. I looked down to see a beautiful woman, a woman with long dark hair with a petite frame with a pair of golden eyes. 

She was stunning, too stunning. The whirlpool that was on the floor slowly began to close, and in the middle stood a man. Ahazu. He looked up at me motioning for me to come down. I complied with his request, and as we touched the ground the woman’s beautiful face turned into something foul. Her face was twisted into a disgusting grin, and half of her jaw was hanging off. She looked like a beozim. She slowly began to smile making the grin on her face spread even wider to show razor sharp teeth. Nora pulled away from me, and as her flames came back on something wasn’t right. The heat that was generating from her was extremely hot, and as she stood there I could sense something deep down in her. Pain. “Nora are you okay?” There was silence “Yeah I’m fine.” Her voice was hoarse and scratchy, and I could sense she was in pain. 

I looked at Ahazu, “It’s been a while old friend.” He smiled, “It has Iron or should I say Anubis.” I nodded, “Nora you take her from the front, Ahazu take her from under, and I’ll take her from above.” They nodded and Nora started running toward her. The pain was getting worse, but I knew she wouldn’t stop even if I tried to make her stop. I took to the air, and Ahazu slowly sunk into the floor. As I was flying I started circling the banshee as Nora clashed into her. As they fought the pain only got worse, but then pain shot through my back. I found myself falling out of the sky, and as I hit the ground Nora turned to look at me. 

As I tried to get up she struck to the ground with a single blow, “Nora!” I turned around to see Alohara floating in the air, and she was smiling. “Hello my child” her voice was deep and cocky. I got to my feet, and ran over to Nora. She was unconscious, and the banshee reached out for me. As it’s rough hand touched my skin I froze, and slowly my skin began to fade away. I grabbed the banshee around the neck, and it started squirming in my grasps. I started to squeeze, and with one hard crack it stopped squirming. I let it’s limb body fall from my hands, and I looked up at Alohara. Her eyes were wide, and I looked back at my wings to notice that they were bare and very much bigger. I let them raise me into the air. “You want to play a game?” 

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