My Monster

After Iron met Nora his life was complete, and for once he felt alive. He felt young. After Nora had their children everything was fine for a year, but soon there is a darkness. In this darkness lies the a god, a god that is feared my many. Iron isn't one to be scared off, and as he gets closer he finally sees whats coming. Iron is in a pool of blood, but will stop at nothing to protect what is his. Angels and demons will clash for one last battle. Before the darkness reaches them. A darkness that's coming for them all.


10. Siren Song

The woman’s voice was a low soothing sound, but her appearance said otherwise. I looked around the ship to see that there were four other people, and they all looked like they had just woken up. I walked over to them, “Where the hell am I?” They looked at each other, “Well, you’re on voyage.” I looked at the man who had said it, “Voyage to where exactly?” No one said anything, and I walked over to the edge of boat to see water. The fog made it hard to see, but I got that factor. I looked back at the woman who greeted me who was really silent. I walked slowly over to her looking at her posture. She had a very good posture, but there was just something about her. I walked around her stopping behind her, and what I saw surprised me. 

I could see right through her. Thats when I heard something, and as I listened I recognized it. It was singing, the singing of a siren. Oh no, oh god. I couldn’t be on that kind of ship. The woman that was standing in front of me was standing very still, and slowly her head started to turn around. She smiled at me, “ Have fun.” She disappeared and the singing started to get louder. “What the hell is that,” one of the women said in fear. I walked over to them letting my wings burst out of my back, and as I took the air the song got louder. As I got above the boat I hit a force field, making me fall back to the boat. I got to my feet and as I did waves washed up onto the deck, and as they retreated back into the ocean they left something behind. Women. They were beautiful, and naked. I looked their body over, and then they began to sing. “Come with me, come see the sea. Be my savior.”

I covered my ears trying to keep the song out, but the song just got louder. I took the air again, and the women’s eyes followed me. I made sure not to get too high above the boat, but the women started to smile showing bloody razor sharp teeth. Their beauty faded away quickly as their skin started to turn green. Scales started coming over their body along with wrinkles, and their blue eyes turned white. I looked back at my wings, “Shed” My feathers started to fall off, and as they did they revealed the razor sharp bones that lied beneath them. I looked at the sharp bones that were at the end of them, and the singing started to get worse. I looked down at the creatures that now stood on the deck, and the people that once stood there were gone. 

Where did they go? I looked around the deck to see them fighting, and they were getting their ass beat. The two women who I thought would be useless were actually being useless. Who are these stupid people? I let my claws come out, and went into a dive. As I got close to the sirens I did a spin letting my wings out at the very end, cutting their bodies in half. I slowed my speed letting my feet hit the ground, and I slowly walked up to the mess of fighting people. How can people like this get their ass kicked by children? I crossed my arms looking at the men being hit to ground by teenage girls, and the women getting beat by the guys that were barely in their teens. I found this funny, and I burst out laughing. Everything stopped and they turned to me, and the sirens retreated to water. 

I walked up to them, “Who the hell are you?” The looked at each other, examining their bloody faces.  “We’re the SHD.” I cocked an eyebrow, “What the hell does that mean?” The woman that was beat up the most looked at me, “Supernatural Hunter Department,” she said as the cuts and bruises on her face healed. “Wait, what are you guys,” I asked as I picked up a gross scent. They looked at each other, “Angel, demon, warlock, and witch.” All of them looked perfectly fine as I looked into their souls. I was utterly confused, “How the hell are you guys gonna be the SHD when you’re supernatural yourself?” They all shrugged, “We broke up a while ago, but we were invited here so we came.” 

I looked around, “Why don’t you just fly out of here?” “We can’t you saw what happened when you tried.” I laughed, “There’s one thing that can get us out of here.” One of the girls stepped forward, and this girl had blue eyes and blonde hair. The roots of her hair suggested that it was dyed, “What is that?” I smiled as I felt the blood run down my arms, “Me.” I looked up at the sky to see the red barrier that kept us in, and I finally figured out where we were. We were on Sailor’s pass ship in the middle of the Bermuda triangle. “Xlyon, zwossyl, fa dafryl zwodd E xy slohhyk.”  The barrier began to shake, and then it shattered. Something was falling, and as a huge piece of glass fell onto the roof of the ship I ducked. I hated glass barriers, and then everything went black.

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