My Monster

After Iron met Nora his life was complete, and for once he felt alive. He felt young. After Nora had their children everything was fine for a year, but soon there is a darkness. In this darkness lies the a god, a god that is feared my many. Iron isn't one to be scared off, and as he gets closer he finally sees whats coming. Iron is in a pool of blood, but will stop at nothing to protect what is his. Angels and demons will clash for one last battle. Before the darkness reaches them. A darkness that's coming for them all.


21. Just One Day

I smiled at her, “What kind of surprise? Good or bad?” She cocked an eyebrow at me, “Really, thats a dumb question.” I smiled as I stood up, “No, actually it’s just a very mentally challenged question.” She smiled as I wrapped my arms around her from behind. She stopped moving turning around in my arms. Her soft skin brushing against mine, and he hands ran down my chest stopping at my belt buckle. She looked like she was looking for something. She stepped from in my arms, but never letting go of mu belt buckle. I followed her to the stairs, and slowly rose petals began to fall. I had never once let the thought cross my mind, but today was November 19. Our anniversary. I stopped and she stopped too. Turning to me smiling, “It’s been a year baby, and it’s been perfect in my book.” 

She let go of my belt buckle and she started unfastening her pants. As the fabric slid down her legs my breath caught as I saw the lace red underwear she was wearing. She slowly stepped out of the pants turned around for me, and her ass was perfect. “When you’re ready come and get it.” She took off up the stairs, and I was a little surprised as her action. Maybe I should’ve told her that the house is linked to me, nah then I would have to explain why I didn’t tell her. I could still smell her arousal, but as I walked up the stairs it started to get fainter. “Come out, come out, where ever you are” I yelled! The silence in the house was unbearable to me, but thats when I heard a giggle.I made my way toward our bedroom, and as her naked body came into view I stopped. She was laying on the bed which was covered in rose petals. Her hair hung over her face, and the candle light made her body gleam.  I slowly walked over to the bed, and she began to crawl toward me. 

She sat up on her knees, “Do you like it” she asked? I smiled kissing her, “You don’t know how much I like it.” She grabbed my hands pulling me down onto her body as she fell back to the bed. She was so soft, so delicate. Our lips met in a rough and needy kiss. Our tongs wrestled for dominance, as she was winning. I liked it when Nora took control of me, and I let her think that it was because she was stronger. When really I just let her dominate me. She pushed against my chest, and I rolled over onto my back letting her sit on top of me. She sat up taking in deep breaths, and she began to unbuckle my belt. I smiled at her and she smiled back. I reached up taking her breast in my hands,  she moaned as I massaged them. 

“You know I don’t have to do all the work,” Her voice echoed through my head making me chuckle. I grabbed her by the waist and flipped her onto her back. I finished unbuttoning my pants, stepping out of them. I pulled her closer to me, and as I sunk to my knees she moved her hips. As I put my tong on her she moaned, and her hands went in my hair. I flicked my tong around a few times making her moan louder. I let my hands rub her thighs, and she seemed to like it. Her hands were tangled in my hair to the point where I was finding it hard to move my head. I looked up at her as I stuck my tongue in her making a moan explode from her. “Those hands are hurting me babe.” She looked down at me and her hands slowly loosened. I went to her opening, and then dragging my tong up. Her body was shivering, and as I stood she let out a little whimper of disappointment. “Shh, you’ll live without my tong.” 

Her scent of need was strong, and it had me hooked. I lined myself up to her opening, but as I was about to push forward she put her hand on my stomach stopping me. “What is it” I asked softly? Her breathing was very hard, and as I slid my hands over her breast she shivered. “I want all of you,” she responded. I didn’t understand what she was saying, “You are getting all of me.” She looked me up and down, “I want the you that many are afraid of.” My eyes widened as what she was asking, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to talk her out of it. I did what she asked. I looked down at my body to see the cracks coming all over of it, and my wings burst out of my back. A pressure began to grow at the top of my head, and my horns slowly pushed themselves onto my head. 

Nora’s eyes were wide, and her face was twisted in fear. It softened, and she moved her hand. “You sure you want this?” I had never slept with her in this form, and I didn’t want to hurt her. She nodded, and I leaned forward pushing inside her. She gasped, her nails digging into the fabric under her. I watched her face twist and turn in ecstasy as I entered her. Soon I was fully inside her, and I slowly pulled back only to slam back into her. Her moans were getting louder as I slammed into her at a fast speed. I leaned over her slamming into her harder, and her hands went to my back. I could feel her nails tearing my skin on my back, and my wings flapped in response. “I’m gonna cum baby” she moaned loudly. I started to drill in and out of her, and soon she was screaming. That took me over the edge, and I pulled out right before I exploded. I collapsed on top of her, “Happy anniversary.” 

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