My Monster

After Iron met Nora his life was complete, and for once he felt alive. He felt young. After Nora had their children everything was fine for a year, but soon there is a darkness. In this darkness lies the a god, a god that is feared my many. Iron isn't one to be scared off, and as he gets closer he finally sees whats coming. Iron is in a pool of blood, but will stop at nothing to protect what is his. Angels and demons will clash for one last battle. Before the darkness reaches them. A darkness that's coming for them all.


25. Horrible News

When I reached the entrance room Ahazu was helping Nora get to her feet. I walked over to her placing a hand on her waist, “Are you okay?” She nodded, “Yeah, it was just a little hit.” I smiled making my way over Ahazu, “How has your life been going man.” His dark hair and dark eyes slowly faded into blonde and blue. “It’s been good, but I sense that there is a change in the world.” Nora cleared her throat, “Someone’s been killing off immortals, and the others aren’t to happy about it.” I looked at her, “How do you know about the killing?” She smiled, “My family is being killed off thats how.” I started to kiss her neck, “I’m sorry for your loss.” She started laughing, “I never liked the old fuckers anyway.” I bit her shoulder before going back to kissing her neck. 

“Things are looking bad in the Netherlands also. Many hunters are going missing left and right.” Nora pulled out of my hands, and went over to the table picking up her phone. As she raised it to her ear a scream went through the house. We all jumped as it got louder, but then it slowly went into a laugh. “It’s been a long time cousin” I knew that voice that said that. I knew that tone, “Jessi is that you.” I turned to see a small girl with long black hair, orange eyes, and one serious grin on her face. I ran over to her, and picked her up. “Hey sweetie how have you been?” She kissed me, and I heard the phone hit the ground. I looked at her, and she bent down to get then phone slowly. Jessi is as old as I am, but unlike me she’s stuck in the body of a young girl. “I’ve been fine. Sorry for the walkers, it’s just I got scared.” I kissed her forehead, “It’s not your fault you’re just a child.” I slowly started to smile as she hugged me, “You know I’m kidding. You’re 321 years old, you know better” I screamed at her! 

I let her drop to the floor, and she looked up at me pouting. “You’re such a dick Iron!” Her body slowly started to grow, and soon she was a teenager. I smiled, “So you’re not stuck in your original body?” She started to shake her head, “No I’m not, but I suggest you talk to your wife.” I turned to Nora to see her standing by the door, and I turned to Jessi slowly. “Go now.” With a nod both of them disappeared, and I sighed running my hands through my hair. I made my way over to Nora, “What’s wrong baby?” She didn’t answer, and as she turned around tears ran down her face. I hated when she cried, and I noticed that she hadn’t picked back up the phone. “My father” she said slowly, “My father’s dead.” As the words left her mouth my breath caught. 

I wrapped my arms around her, and she began to cry even harder. “Where are the twins” I asked slowly? She began to cry harder, and I tightened my arms around her. “They’re gone, they’re missing.” I could hear the pain in her voice, and my heart broke. I could feel the anger going through me, the anger starting to bubble in me. Thats when I heard it, the slight breathing sound. A sound that I could only hear, a sound that truly frightened me. “I’m scared Iron, what if they’re hurt?” She laid her head on my shoulder, and I rubbed the back on her head. “Was his death demonic or was it mortal” I asked softly. She was silent for a second, as if she was thinking. “They said that he was shot, that is very much human.” I could feel her pain, how much she was worried. “I’m sure they’re fine okay. The police will bring that home.” I could feel her tears soaking through my shirt, and pulled her up off my shoulder. “Please baby go lye down. I’ll cook you something to eat okay.” She nodded and made her way up stairs. 

I could feel her pain, her anger, all of her emotions. I turned to watch her walk up the stairs, and as she disappeared upstairs I let my wings burst out of my back. So much anger was flowing through my veins, so much pain. I closed my eyes calming myself down, and I withdrew my wings. I made my way to the kitchen, and took out some ingredients to make some pancakes. It took my five minutes to make them, and I finished it off by putting a glass of orange juice on the tray. I made my way upstairs, and as I walked into the room Nora’s eyes went to mine. I made my way over to the bed, sitting the tray in front of her. “I made you’re favorite” I said before kissing her forehead. 

“Thanks, I’m starving” she responded smiling. There was a knock on the door, and I stood and walked over to the door. “I’ll be right back okay,” she nodded and I took my leave. I made my way down to the door, and as I opened the door I was met by that detective again. “Hello again. I’m the leading detective on your children’s case, and me and my team are here to help.” His voice was cold, and I could smell the years of having to do this. I opened the door wider, “Please be quiet, I don’t want my wife to get anymore upset than she already is.” They nodded as they walked into the house. I watched as the three men sat down, and I looked up to see Nora standing on the stairs. She wasn’t making a sound, and I motioned for her to come on down. She did slowly, but the detectives didn’t even flinch. “Are you guys the people who are trying to find my children?” They looked at her and nodded, “Please find them.” I wrapped her in my arms, and they got back to work.

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