My Monster

After Iron met Nora his life was complete, and for once he felt alive. He felt young. After Nora had their children everything was fine for a year, but soon there is a darkness. In this darkness lies the a god, a god that is feared my many. Iron isn't one to be scared off, and as he gets closer he finally sees whats coming. Iron is in a pool of blood, but will stop at nothing to protect what is his. Angels and demons will clash for one last battle. Before the darkness reaches them. A darkness that's coming for them all.


4. Big Bad Wolf

Nora came home around 2pm, and Castor ran into my arms. I lifted him in the air, “How has my boy been?” He smiled as tossed him, “Stop it daddy.” His smile was genuine and pure, full of happiness. I lowered him to the floor meeting the eyes of Nora, “I missed you baby.” I had cleaned the blood up off the floor and took a shower, but how Nora was looking at me she could still smell it. “Sweeties, can you go run and play while mommy and daddy talk?” They nodded and both of them disappeared within thin air, and Nora eyes shot to mine. “Iron what happened, you reek of blood.” Her hands went to my face, “Just a few vampires. It’s no big deal.” She moved the collar of my shirt revealing one of the bite marks. 

“Baby, they bit you. Here’s a bite right here.” I grabbed her hand kissing it, “Nora I’m fine. I’m not gonna be affected by it.” I pulled her into me wrapping my arms around her, “Don’t worry so much. Our life is still as normal as it been a year ago.” She laid my head against my chest, “Iron thats the thing I don’t want our life to be normal. I want our life to just be how we live it.” I ran my finger through her hair, “Sweetie I know you want that, but when we go out in public we’re gonna have to pretend we’re normal.” I could feel her fingers touching my skin, and it sent shivers down my spine. “I don’t care, when it’s just us, we be us.” I kissed her putting my hands to the back of her head, and I could hear her heart beat speed up. 

“I think we can figure that out.” A howl sounded from outside the house, and Nora lifted her head. “What was-” “Sh.......I gotta listen?” I let my mind wonder through the house, and as another howl sounded my eyes stopped cold. “Nora, where is the children?” She pulled away from me, “They’re somewhere in here. Castor! Pollux!” There was no answer, and another howl sounded this one closer than before. Castor and Pollux ran into the room, and jumped Nora. She hit the ground with a thud, “Mommy there’s someone in the house.” Tears were rolling down their faces as they spoke at the same time, and as I looked up I could see it. It wasn’t in the room with us, but it was making it’s way toward us. I grabbed Pollux my the hands pulling her to me,  and Nora got to her feet with Castor. “Is there someone actually in the house?” I nodded and made my way to the back of my desk. 

I smashed a button and a pad lock came out. I typed in the code watching as a door swung open. I put Pollux down pushing her toward the door, and as she disappeared inside Castor followed. I looked at Nora to her eyes watering, and I grabbed her hand squeezing it. “You said you want us to be us, well this is us.” I could see the beast approaching, all 6ft of it. I stood as it entered the room, never letting Nora’s hand go. I looked into her eyes as he flames started to cover her body, and I could feel the cracks slowly spreading. The wheezing came back, and it was louder than before. I ignored it and put my attention to the beast before me. His arms were hairy, and his face was a hybrid of human and canine. Werewolf. I remember my mother telling me stories about the big bad wolf. It’s funny how that memory seems like yesterday. 

The beast was  a little shorter than me, and I guess that gave me an advantage. I let go of Nora’s hand and I could feel her temperature rise. Pain shot through my back, and the wheezing got worse. I couldn’t ignore the sound, it was so loud that I couldn’t even hear myself think. “Doom, are you alright?” He didn’t answer and the wheezing didn’t stop. I could feel my skin, my flesh tearing as the bone of the wings pushed through. This sent pain through my body, so much pain. I hung my head letting my hair cover face. I could feel my eyes start to burn from tears welling up in them. As the wings burst out in beauty the pain went away. I stood up straight to see the beast slowly walking forward. Nora’s red hair was flowing as the flames she held got stronger. “You blast him with fire, and I’ll put shadows on him.”  She nodded putting both of her hands foreword letting the flames burst out onto the creature. 

I tried to ignore the wheezing to my best ability, and concentrated. I balled my fist up, and lights began to flicker. “I call for your help. You, in the shadows.” The shadows from the corners of the room imploded toward the beast wrapping themselves around it. “Iron, show me what you can do,” doom wheezed. I nodded and started walking up to beast, and I could feel Nora’s eyes following me. As my hand touched the beast Nora was blew back into the wall. The beast’s golden eyes looked down at me, “You’ve killed so many people. So many people that had done nothing to you. Feel their pain.” The beast eyes went wide as I said the words. “Hear their screams, taste their fear.” Cracks started to appear on the monster chest. “So fragile, so stupid. So low on the food chain. So afraid of yourself.” The beast began to whimper as he got to his knees in from of me. “Big bad wolf, how does your life grow? With people heads, and carcass  shells with eight other victims in a row.” 

I watched as his body slowly shifted into human form. Hi long shout becoming a smooth face, and the fur disappearing from it’s body. Before me now kneeled a blonde head man, with scars that covered his abdomen. I leaned down to his ear, “Who sent you?” He didn’t answer, and let his head hang low. “Answer me!” “No, they said if I told they would kill me.” I pushed his face up, “If you don’t tell me I will kill you!” He stood up pushing me back, “Am I supposed to be scared of you. You’re merely  an angel.” He partially shifted letting his snout grow out. Blood was dripping from it, and his teeth was sharp and disgustingly yellow. I looked over at Nora to see her laying on the floor. The blow from before must have knocked her out. He walked toward me slowly,  and I didn’t not move. I felt my claws come out, and as he came into arms reach I swung. 

I got him clean on the chest digging into his flesh, and on his. Skin was hanging out the wounds, and he had to step back as the speed of my hands. He thinks i’m an angel let him think that. He growled and charged me his hands swinging fast, but not fast enough. I dodged each swipe of his claws, and they were coming so fast that I could the air glide across my body each time. I ducked as swung horizontal at me, stabbing my nails into his stomach three times making him drop to his knees. He looked up at me blood running down his chin, “How?” His voice was nearly a growl, and I stooped down in front of him. “Who sent you?” I was trying to be patient with him, but when he didn’t respond I snapped. Slapping him so hard that my hand snug afterward. He shifted back into human form, his mouth was oozing with blood. 

His hands never left his stomach, and he started to smile. “I never thought a creature of the light would be this violent.” His laughter echoed through the room, and I punched him shutting him up. He fell backward, and he started to cough blood leaking out of his mouth onto the floor. I could feel him dying, “Who sent you?” He stared up at me, “Maliki, god of gods.” His head fell my back onto the floor, and his body stopped moving. “Doom who is Maliki?”  The wheezing had stopped, “This where we part. You will get all my memories. It was great knowing you.”  He stopped talking after that, “Doom, Doom!” 

He wouldn’t say anything. It was great knowing you.What did he mean by that? I shook it out of my head, and turned my attention to Nora. I walked over to him touching her hair, and she moved slightly. “Come on get up.” She looked up at me smiling, but she must have sensed that something was wrong. “What’s wrong? I can feel it.” “Doom, I can’t feel him or hear him. It’s like he’s-” “Gone.” I turned around to see my father standing in the door way. He crossed his arms, “We need to talk.”

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