My Monster

After Iron met Nora his life was complete, and for once he felt alive. He felt young. After Nora had their children everything was fine for a year, but soon there is a darkness. In this darkness lies the a god, a god that is feared my many. Iron isn't one to be scared off, and as he gets closer he finally sees whats coming. Iron is in a pool of blood, but will stop at nothing to protect what is his. Angels and demons will clash for one last battle. Before the darkness reaches them. A darkness that's coming for them all.


11. Baniza

When I woke up I was laying on sand, on a beach of some kind. I sat up coughing and spitting out the water that I had swallowed. I looked around to see nothing but the great big ocean, and the sand under me was black. I got to my feet shaking the sand out of my hair, and as much as I looked there was no one. Nothing but a palm tree standing right in the center of it, and I have to say that was a little strange. I starred at it trying to figure out why it was so strange, and then I got it. I had saw it before, but I was very young. I remember being lost, trying to find my dad. I appeared once, and on the ship. I walked up to it looking it up and down, and then I saw the symbol. The same symbol that I had on my shoulder when I was younger, but my father got it removed. 

It was brand on my skin, almost like someone had did it to me. The weird thing was that I could’t remember anything about it. I ran my hand across the symbol, letting my mind winder into my memories. Without thinking I began to speak, “Come, serve, come play with us. Worship we shall do. Fight. Be the light. Welcome to Baniza.” The symbol began to glow, and the tree slowly began to sink. Slowly I began to sink too. The ground around me was soft, and as I looked down all I saw was a whirlpool of water. I took in a deep breath before I pulled under, and the water was clear. I tried to swim away if it was possible, but it failed. I was running out of air, and when I thought I was gonna pass out I took in a huge gulp of air. My body hit the ground hard, but I didn’t care I was focusing on breathing. “Iron, are you okay? Are you hurt?” I could hear the concern in her voice, “I’m okay, don’t worry. I’ll be home soon.” “Come home soon, Castor really wants that ice creme.”  

I smiled at the thought of castor begging her for ice creme. As I opened my eyes I nearly jumped out of my skin as I was met By the faces of two hideous women. I tried to get up they pushed me right back to the ground. They’re faces were covered in scars and bruises, but if they didn’t have that they would be decent. The one to the left must have been the oldest because she had me pinned good. Normally I would have gotten pissed off, but I was still short on breath. They began to speak to each other in a language I recognized. It was Aztec. It was the old dialect, but I could make the words out. They were talking about how someone name Shaka would be happy to see me. They helped me to my feet smiling, and began speaking to me. 

I was a little bit surprised because they started to speak to me on English. “It’s a pleasure to have you back with us. Shaka will be so happy to see you.” I said nothing as they led me from where I had landed up a pathway. The stones that were on the ground were clear, and in between them was gold. As we entered a hallway the blocks got bigger, and so did the gold. It was beautiful, ancient, untouched by humanity. There were guards standing in front of a door, and they were dressed in armor of gold. As the women led me past them the tilted their heads to me. I returned it, and they we came to a stop. I pulled my arms away from the women, “You’re grip was a little too tight.” “Well, isn’t this a surprise.” I looked around to see nothing, and no one. Not even the women from before, it was like they disappeared into thin air. A man stepped out of the corner smiling, “Welcome back Baniza Iron.” 

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