She was invisible until one day some one finally talks to her


2. back to school

My sis is 18 her name is Ashlyn we have the same first 3 letters of our name because we r a mouth apart and so our mom have us almost the same name but she woke me up it's the first day of school and

So I got out of my bed and got to my bath room and got ready with my make up and my teeth and got my black ripped holy skinny jeans and my blink 182 t-shirt and my black converse and hoped in the car with my sister because I was the only one who knew how to drive between us but we arrived at school

And I got my stuff for my locker and classes and when to find my locker Which was not far from my first class and I knew today is going to be a long day

So I got in my first class and I sat in the back of the class in the corner near the wall so the teacher won't call on me but no one last year knew I was here but some guy from last year sat by me and said u must be Ashley the boy said and must got the wrong Ashley no one knows me. The boy said no u r the one I want to talk to u he had blond hair spicked up with long legs and a lip perching. Hi my name is Luke, Lukas Robert hemmings he said my name is Ashley miracle ann hunter. Nice to meat you I say and then the bell rings a she showed my his classes we have all the same classes wow he said and I have a nick name And it's penguin I say and he said I LOVE PENGUINS. Well them we r going to get a long well I say

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