Phantom Chronicles

This story is about Phantom, a hero who will be part of the Future Legion, but before that I will be revealing his past.


1. A past to be remembered

He was breathing heavily as he ran down the street passing a few cars that were parked on his right side, on his leftt were some different colored buildings, from a silver and black looking futuristic colored house to an apartment building that was all white. He turned left and jumped over fence as he started entering the Uptown district. He kept running as he saw a mansion that had a silver and tan colored paint on it. He stopped in front of the gates where two guards were placed. They looked at him, and spoke something into the walkie-talkie. After a few seconds the gates opened and the boy ran inside, once the gates closed the boys that were chasing him stopped, the leader of this little crew stood 6ft tall with blue hair, and two sharp like horns on his head, he growled a little bit as he looked at the guards. He had a black thin like hoodie, with grey pants and grey boots with a black long-sleeve t-shirt wrapped around his waist, his shirt had a skull and crossbones on it. He then spoke to the boy who got away.  “I’ll get you next time Varrit. You can’t keep running forever, sooner or later you will have to face the music”.

The others guys behind him smiled like they were planning something evil and devious for Varrit as they all walked away. Varrit on the other end of the gates sat down panting as he looked at the clear blue sky, and the two suns that lit up the sky. He got up and walked towards the mansion, as he looked at the mansion it he sighed. The mansion would look like one of those nice mansions in Hollywood. As he walked inside a tall woman with long jet black hair they fell down to her shoulders in a silver and black jumpsuit with stormy grey eyes looked at Varrit. It could only mean one thing as she tapped her foot rapidly against floor with a stern looked on her face. It melted slowly as she looked at her son.  “Varrit Tinseverus Necrom”!  He flinched a little bit as she said his whole name. “Yes mother”?  Varrit said, giving her a sad look.  She knelt down and kissed him on the forehead. “Don’t scare me like that. Where were you, and what were you doing”?  He then took a deep breath and explained his situation, his mother was silent for about 3 minutes before she hugged him and spoke. “I’m just glad your safe, but you can’t go fighting that many people because someone is being bullied. You have to tell an adult”.  “How can I when half the adults don’t paid attention”?  She smiled and said to him, “Then you get their attention no matter what. Make them see. You know how some adults are clueless about stuff”. He smiled back as a security detail came behind his mother and spoke into her ear.  “Are you sure. I mean they signed the treaty. If they break this treaty and attack us, it just shows all those fools on the Galactic Council I was right”. Just then an explosion happened, alarms sounded as Varrit and his mother ran outside, seeing several buildings destroyed.

His mother tensed as bit her lip. “Grank” she shouted loudly. Her chief of security spoke as he came out. “Make sure to give this message you Ambassador Orix, and make sure he knows what is happening. And give him the disc”. She said to Grank, She hugged her son as Grank came back. She looked to the sky as her security personal walked with them to the garage to get inside the car. A second later an explosion happened, knocking Varrit out and killing everyone else. When he woke up he found himself waking up with his air broken, and everyone dead around, as he saw his mother dead laying at his feet, he screamed loudly his mother’s name.

(Present) Varrit woke up again in cold sweat. He was breathing hard, and panting as he looked around the room. The dream felt to real because it was real, his mother, little brother, sister, his people all dead. He remembered the Urions taking him as a prisoner and later training him to fight. It was his fifth hundred birthday, and another anniversary to remind him of people death. He rubbed the back of his neck as he jumped out of his bed. He yawned as he brushed his teeth, took his shower, and got dressed. He put on a crimson colored combat suit, complete with pants, combat boots, shirt, crimson colored vest, ear com, security card, gun holster with gun in it, and everything else he needed to be combat ready. He looked at his horn and sighed. “Might as well make myself look good”. He said to himself in the mirror.


*Hello everyone. It’s me, Blackvolt again. While you’re probably reading my story. You will soon be reading someone who helped changed my son life one day as he tries to figure out why he has to be a hero in the first place, and help him figure out that working alone isn’t always a good thing. This story is about Varrit Tinseverous Necrom, son of Ambassador Rima Necrom who died during the Urion invasion, along with everyone else on the planet. Now he is the last of his kind, and is trying to find out information on who paid the Urions and who the real criminal behind his people death was. This story will telling you of betrayal, death, action, comedy, and romance with twist at almost every turn. Hope you enjoy.*


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