2. chapter 2

Max pov

After school we all went to my place it's Friday or like we call it our assholes Friday.

Every Friday we spend it together it's like a tradition

I was in the kitchen getting some snacks when Tyler came in

"Hey Maxi" he said yeah Maxi that's tyler nickname for me as in no one else can call me that or tyler would beat them up ... Yeah don't ask

"Hey Tyler" I said

Then he sat on one of the chairs and started eating some chips

"Umm what happened to Emily" he asked

"The usual she went crying to the ladies room" I said


"You know Emily is our friend and she is sensitive why do you keep talking to her like that , she can be a bitch she can be whatever, after all she was raised by a stripper of a mother and you're not even her brother to tell her what to do and what to not" I said

"Even if I'm not her brother but , I care about her she's like my sister and I don't want her getting hurt or to hurt people and at least she have a mother"

"Yeah but she doesn't have a father but you have"

"Yeah a drunk father" he said and just got out of the kitchen I huffed and got back to looking for snacks

So here's the thing

Emily have been raised by her stripper mom and Tyler have been raised by his drunk dad that's why they both are like this

Me well I'm raised by my older brother, my dad serve at the military and my mom is married to another man so here's the reason why I'm not living with my mom because my brother refuse to live with her and my brother is more important to me than her so if my brother isn't living there I'm not but I do visit her but not a lot only when her husband isn't home cuz I don't like him and his stupid money , I like my normal life with my skateboard and no private driver.

I went to the backyard and they were all there other than Emily

"Guys where's Emily?" I asked

They looked at each other when a pissed off Eric got off the table and stormed inside

"Who's gonna explain what happened?" I asked looking at them

"Eric kissed Emily"Tyler yelled and ran inside

"He whatt"I said then bursted out laughing

"Oh my god seriously?!!" I said again

Damon nodded

"You my boyfriend own me 5$"

"I know I know I never thought that what you said about eric having a crush on Emily is true" he said then handed me my 5$

Emily pov

He kissed me , eric the romantic guy that all girls drool by listening to his poems kissed me , one of my best friends kissed me .... And I liked it but I'm not gonna admit anything, he already got broken once I'm afraid to break his heart again

Eric pov

I kissed her I couldn't resist her cherry lips, fuck me , she's gonna hate me she'll stop talking to me I lost my friend

"Man calm down" Tyler said

"I can't calm down okay she'll hate me"I said he just chuckled

"Why are you laughing huh" l said angrily

"Because she liked the kiss I saw it in her eyes" he said

"How? Her eyes were closed" I said

"Exactly!" He said

After thinking about it yup he's right

"Even if she liked it it's not going to change anything"I said

"It wouldn't if you just sit here complaining, but it would if you actually do something" he said

"Like what?" I asked confused

"Go do something romantic I mean come on , you're the most romantic guy in school"he said

"You know , yeah I am and I'm going after her I'm gonna win her"

"Yeah that's my boy" he said patting my back "go get her tiger" he said as I ran to the car driving to her place

Emily pov

I was getting ready for bed , I was home alone mom probably still at the strip club like usual

When I heard soft nocks on my window suddenly my window was broken by a big rock

"Oops" I heard from outside I looked outside my window to see Eric standing down there

"What the actual fuck , you just broke my window"I yelled

"Sorry" he yelled beck


Me and Eric are now sitting in my yard

"So?" I said

He turned and looked at me then he sighed and said

"Listen Emily I really like you ,and I have liked you since so long and I'm not willing to give up on you so please give us a chance,please" he whispered the last part

I looked at him sadly

"Eric I can't, cuz I'll end up breaking your heart and you are way too important to me to get you broken hearted again" I said

"But Emily I like you I really do , just give us a chance" he said his eyes started to water

"Eric no don't cry please"I said

"What can I do huh when the person I like no the person I love is rejecting me" he said and he stood up and was about to leave

"Wait Eric no , I don't want you being sad just because of me"I said

He dried his tears and looked at me and he started leaning in but he stopped next to my ear and whispered

"I'll wait for you forever, but I'm not giving up" he said then he left

I didn't know what to feel about this , he broke my window, made me confused and left....

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