1. chapter 1

The assholes

-chapter 1-

Max pov

"Listen to me" he yelled in my face

"I don't want to listen, it's over I'm not staying with you anymore,I'm sick of you repeating the same thing over and over , you said you were going to change" i said yelling at him

"I couldn't help it okay"

"You couldn't help but to lick it" I yelled

"Okay I'll buy you another one geez sorry , it's the last time I eat your candy " he said

"Yeah you will I'm still breaking up with you" I said sitting on the couch

No ones pov

30 minutes later

"Wanna go grab some pizza" Max said

"I thought you broke up with me" damon said

"Nahh I wouldn't break up with you for a candy, but for chocolate yes so never touch my chocolate" max said then Damn shook his head and said

"You're lucky I'm still your boyfriend" he said


So let me explain some stuff to you

Max is a girl , yup she's a girl but she doesn't act like one and she overreact all the time , did I mention she's a smart ass and also the school captain of the girls soccer team

Damon is her boyfriend he's also one of "THE ASSHOLES" I'll tell you who they are later , Damon is a good looking guy he's the captain of the guys soccer team and he has the most weird pretty angry but cute girlfriend that she is one of "THE ASSHOLES" too

Eric is the most romantic guy in high school every girl melt just by listening to his poems , he never been in a relationship and he claims he never will, he just keep writing love and romantic poetries

Emily is also one of the bitchiest meanest girls in high school she sleeps around with all the guys but what they don't know about her is that she is only like this because of her missed up life

Last but not least is Tyler the school bad boy/ player also Max's best friend since childhood he sleeps with girls he drink and what no one knows about he do drugs

Those my friends are "THE ASSHOLES" which they are the most popular kids in high school their friendship is stronger than anything in the world or at least we thought so

Eric's pov

"Fuck you"emily yelled at tyler

"You want to fuck me?" Tyler said smirking now all eyes were on our table good I should have stayed in the music room writing things

"I don't mean it like that you're an asshole" she said

"Aren't we all assholes"tyler said smirking again

"Ughh" she yelled and left the table

"Tyler you were a bitch to her"max said

"Well so what she always been a bitch to me" he said

"Yeah but you know she never mean to" max said

Tyler just sighed and left the table

So Emily and tyler are the most 2 kids that fight at school, they can't get along but they are best friends and always there for each other.

And me well I have the biggest crush on Emily but I'm not risking getting my heart broken again after maya dumbed me last year ,and after all Emily isn't the one to be in serious relationships

Tyler pov

After what max told me I got off the table and went to smoke a cigarette, damn I hate when max is mad at me she's my everything and by everything I mean my crush, yeah bad boy have a crush but she's with Damon and I can't do anything about it I just want her to be happy

"Why do you keep doing this" I heard damon voice behind me I turned around to see him walking towards me he took the cigarette away from my hand

"Stop smoking" he warned

"Why it's the best thing" I said

"It's not" he said


Emily pov

I was sitting crying in the ladies room when max came in , she's always been the one to comfort me

"Heyyy bitches don't cry , and my bitch shouldn't cry" she said smiling warmly at me I chuckled a little

"You're right bitches don't cry" I said smiling

"Yeah but you're crying so you're not a bitch after all" she said I laughed a little then she hugged me

"Never cry I won't let anyone upset you" she said I nodded then we both got out of the bathroom and went to class

" umm max you have lipstick on your neck from the hug" I said while interring class

The teacher looked at me and My hair and make up were messy from all the crying then her eyes landed on max's neck

"You tow girls both know that is school more important than making out" then max started coughing uncontrollably

"Wha- what are you kidding me I only hugged her , I have a boyfriend" max said panicked I just laughed and sat down staring at max's red face


I'm back with a new story yayyy I hope you like it it's pretty much full of humor there is some drama scenes , some fights, and breakups.... I hope you enjoy it please comment and favorite 😘💙

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