3. chaprer 3

Max pov

"Stop it"I said

"No come on" he said kissing down my neck

"But we have to finish homework"

He came closer and whispered in my ear

"Homework can wait" he took off my shirt and started kissing down my neck

"MAX!" Someone yelled I looked to see travis my brother I quickly pushed Damon to the ground

"Ouch" he said

"What the fuck I leave you tow doing homework then I come back to see you making out" he said helping Damon up , a little too quickly

"Ouchhh again" Damon said

"Shut up!" Me and travis both yelled

"Okay you tow finish your homework then you can have sex if you want but first homework" travis said

"Dude ewww nooo" I told my brother then kicked him out of my room

So sex is something I wouldn't do before marriage yup

Next day...

Emily pov

I was kissing John or Josh I don't remember his name all I know is that we're making out in the hallway our tongues were fighting together when I spotted tow pair of hurt eyes I quickly pulled away from the kiss when he ran away

"Eric wait!" I ran after him I got a hold of his shoulder "wait!" I yelled again he turned around

"WHAT!" He yelled loudly

"What's up with you"I said

"I don't know the fact that yesterday I told you how I feel about you and today you just kissing a complete stranger" he said

"I never said I have the same feelings for you, and that guy isn't a stranger his name is John"I said

"First his name is josh and second you're right I shouldn't have excepted anything from you,...." He looked at me in his hurt eyes and then just walked past me I sighed then went to class

Max pov

"Okay girls move your little asses before I teach you how to , remember it's not your game it's everyones game you keep passing the ball and working as a team" I yelled and kicked the ball and started playing with them

"Max! , max come here I need you"I heard Emily voice I looked back to see her crying I left the game and went to her

"Babe what's wrong?"I said she hugged me for a while then I heard her sobbing

"Emily...Emily what's wrong tell me! Hey Emily look at me" she pulled away and showed me her sad face and tears

"I missed up so bad" I patted her back then we went and sat on the benches

"So last night Eric have came to my house and ....." And yup she told me everything

"Aww honey if you like him why would you make out with John?"I said

"His name id Josh" she said

"Yeah why would you make out with Josh?"

"Well I dunno all I know is that I like Eric and I just did something wrong" she said

"Okay honey you go tell that poet you like him kay?" I said she nodded


Tyler pov

"Come on man they only 2 pills they can't cost 20 bucks that's so much money" I told my drug dealer

"20 bucks or nothing" I sighed giving him the money taking the pills and leaving the backyard of the school and going inside when I bumped into someone

"Watch were you going" I heard an annoyed Emily say then I looked to her sad face

"Emily? Were you crying?" I said she just looked at my eyes and her eyes started to water

"Hey what's wrong em?" I said

She just hugged me and started crying and crying

"Damn calm down and tell me what's wrong" I said she just shook her head and dried her tears , she looked at me for 5 seconds but then she just left

Emiley pov

I took Max's advice and I decided that I'm going to tell Eric how I feel and that I'm really sorry, I spotted him talking to some guy so I went there quickly

"Hey um Eric can we talk?" I said

"No I'm busy" he said returning to his conversation with that random guy

"Eric it's important" I said

He sighed and said okay then we both went outside

"Listen I made a mistake I shouldn't have kissed Josh okay you're the one I want to be with please forgive me" I said

"First of all his name turned to be John I was mistaken and second of all you need to forget about me because I moved on so quickly and I really don't want to think of you as more than a friend because all you do is just break my heart more every time" he said

"How could you move on its only been what like half an hour and I said I'm sorry okay I really really like you" I said starting to tear up

He dried my tear with his finger , held my face in both hands and then just hugged me

"I'm sorry , but we're not meant to be together Eric said so I just pushed him away gently and I was about to get out of school when I bumped into Tyler and you know the rest...

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