Three bands. Two genres. One tour.


1. one

A/N: So, I'm rewriting this, because I wasn't sure of where it was going. But I'm starting fresh now, so... Enjoy



"Who's going first?" I asked as we walked into the studio. We'd been emailed a few days ago about being on the soundtrack for Ghostbusters and we were just walking into the studio to record it.

"I'm not sure, depends on who gets most of the parts." Luke explained. He opened the door to the studio, the room dimly lit and two guys talking to each other in front of the panel filled with switches, knobs and monitors.

"Hey, boys. Alright, here we've got the lyrics here for you all. We're just going to do some run throughs with the music to make sure everything's all good and then we'll get started." John said, rubbing his hands together in anticipation as Nick handed us papers filled with lyrics. I sighed, looking through the two pages, eyes skimming over the typed words.

I walked over to the couch my butt had been accustomed to planting itself on, knowing that Luke would be the first to go and record. He was the lead-man, he's going to do most things. The three of them joined me, Michael sitting beside me while Luke and Ashton talked about the new track.

I pulled out my phone, scrolling through the 1000's of mentions on Twitter before looking through the feed. I noticed a few fans had been sharing the same link of a YouTube video but if I'm going to be honest with you, I was too scared to see what is was because God only knows what it could be. Maybe it's that 'snapchat'... I shuddered at the mere thought of it.



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