A New Start

○ New home. New town. New school. New people. Bam, just like that ○
17 year old Destiny moves to London with her family. But can she start a new life among strangers and leave all of her bullies and her only friend Ann behind?


4. lll

Destiny's POV

When the last class was done, I walked out to my car. On the way, I bumped into someone again. Guess what? I landed on my butt. AGAIN. 2 times at one day, great. I sighed and looked up.

"Well hi," a boy said and smirked. I looked down. He gave me his hand and helped me up.

"Erhm hi," I said. He was really attractive. I looked down and blushed.

"You're new," he said. I looked at him.

"Uh, yeah..." I said and bit my lip. He smirked.

"I'm Cole," he said and suddenly I was speechless. I looked at him again. Wait.. shit. Cole. Cole from my fantasy. Shit.

"Uhm, are you okay?" he said and gave me a weird look. I just stood there. Stared at him. With open mouth. Oh my God, no. I bit my lip and nodded. He smiled. He had those amazing eyes and I got lost in them for a little while.

"I-I'm D-Destiny," I said and looked down.


Cole's POV

She was beautiful. Not like all those models and that, but she was my definition of beautiful. She had long brown wavy hair, her blue eyes was like the ocean. She looked me into the eyes and it felt like an infinity. She looked away and bit her lip. God, she was beautiful. I could look at her all day.

"So, erhm.. How was your first day?" I asked and tried to get eye contact with her again, but she looked down at the floor. I ran my fingers trough my hair.

"It was okay, I guess..." she said and sent me a shy smile. A guy came over and hugged her from behind. I could see, that made her feel uncomfortable. She bit her lip.

"Oh, hey Alex," she said and smiled. I could feel that I wanted to hit him. Hard. With a chair. In his face. Easy, man. You've just met her.


Destiny's POV

I looked at Cole and bit my lip. Suddenly I felt someone grab me from behind. I felt really uncomfortable and Cole could see. It was clear. I took Alex's hands and removed them from me. Cole tried to hide his smile, but it went pretty bad. Alex mumbled something and left. I looked after him.

"So, wanna hang out sometime?" Cole asked. I nodded and smiled.

"Cool, here's my number," he said and then he left.


"MOM I'M HOME!" I yelled to my mom. She came out from the kitchen and kissed me on my cheek.

"How was your day?" she smiled and sat down by the table.

"It was fine. I met some guys. I was kinda lost, but then a girl named Sam helped me. I ate with her and her friends. Something strange also happened," I said and looked down at the table. "That boy, Cole, from my fantasy, you know? He goes to the school. I talked with him today. He's even nicer in person," I said and took an orange from the bowl.

"That's great," she said and smiled. "So, was he hot?"

"MOM!" I laughed. "Yes, he was. I kinda got lost in his eyes. They're green. Like really green. I've never seen so beautiful eyes before," I said.


After a long talk with my mom, I went up to my room. I sat with my laptop and tried to find Cole. I didn't stalk him, or maybe a little.. but just a little, right? I found his twitter account and looked at all his tweets. He plays baseball. Interesting. I looked at the clock. Time for bed. I shut my laptop down and went to bed.


Alex's POV

*Later that night*

I didn't like the way Cole looked at her. And I absolutely didn't like the way she looked at him. I looked out of my window. The stars were beautiful. I could see a couple kiss on the street. I wanted her. I wanted her to like me. But it was impossible if Cole showed attention to her. Everybody knows that Cole gets what he wants. I sighed. I just wanted to be the one who got the girls attention. Just for once. I didn't even know if I were in love with Destiny, or I just were in love with the thought. I went confused to bed.


Cole's POV

Should I text her? Should I call her? I didn't know. What would she think if I called her? It was late, but I wanted so badly to hear her voice. I haven't felt so alive, than I did when she looked at me. After Dani I haven't really felt alive, but then Destiny came in the picture. I thought about her beautiful blue eyes, her perfect lips that I wanted to kiss so badly, her perfect long hair, her cute nose.. Everything about her. She was just perfect and I couldn't wait to see her again tomorrow. I went to bed with a little smile on my face.

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