A New Start

○ New home. New town. New school. New people. Bam, just like that ○
17 year old Destiny moves to London with her family. But can she start a new life among strangers and leave all of her bullies and her only friend Ann behind?


1. l

"New home. New town. New school. New people. Bam, just like that."​


Destiny's POV


Dear Diary.​

Well, erhm, hi. I'm Destiny and I'm 17 years old. I've chosen to write, when we moved, because it's a new start. I'm not gonna say that I'm normal. I'm definitely not normal.. Because my definition of being normal isn't to live a life through scenaries in my head. In other words: I prefer to live my life in my own little fantasy. Nah, I'm definitely not normal.  


My alarm goes of and I continue to sleep. 5 minutes can't hurt, right? I'm that kind of person that have like 100 alarms, to make sure that I wake up. The next alarm goes of and I throw my phone at the wall. Well, I'm definitely screwed when my mom's find out. I walk to the mirror and look at myself. I've never seen myself as af pretty person. Not at all. I sighs and find some clothes to wear.


"Honey?" my mom yells.

"Yeah?" I yell back.

"You're late," she yells. I look at the clock. Shit. I​ run down the stairs, grabs a granola bar and kisses my mom on the cheek. "See ya later, mom."


It isn't easy to find the principals office. I look around and there's over 4 doors. I sigh. Suddenly someone walks into me and I fell right on my butt. Yeah, I did. On my freaking first day. I look up and sees a very good looking boy. He just glares at me. What the hell is his problem? He walked into me.​  ​ "Wtf, look where you're going, you dumbass," he says. "Erhm, you walked into me?" I say and then he walks away. Yeah.. This is going to be great. *sigh*

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