My sisters boyfriend

Hi, my name is Ana. My best friends are Lindsay, Tiara and Misty. I don't have very many other friends. I live with my older sister my little brother and my mother. One day my sister Mariah asks to bring over her boyfriend, she says he's 1 year older then her witch means he's in grade 9. She's in grade 8 and I'm in grade 7. His name is Andrew. About a week later they break up. Wanna know y and also what happens next read and find out!!


3. so I texted him.

As I wake up I take the sleep out of my eyes. Then I fall back to sleep for about 3 more minutes, then finally decide to get up.

Then I remember what's happening. I think that I know weather I'm going to text him or not. I think that I am...

I grab the ticket off of my bed side table. And type in his number.

Me: um... Is this Andrew?

Andrew: yeah is this Lindsay?

Me: yup

Andrew: so u finally decided to text me;)

Me: yup. I was debating tho:)

Andrew: wow. I'm offended

Me: I'm sorry:(

Andrew: I'll forgive u, but next time u owe me;)


Andrew: so... I kinda broke up with ur sister.

Me: WHAT. Y?

Andrew: it wasn't gonna last

Me: true

Andrew: wanna hang out today?

Me: ugh idk

Andrew: I'll bring a friend...

Me: sure just because I wanna stop by the record store with my friend Heidi

Andrew: okay. Meet u at semi at 1?

Me: yea

I pick up my home phone and dial my best friend Heidi's phone number. "Hi Heidi"

"Hey what's up r we hanging out today or naw?"

"Yeah of course we r but we have to go and hang out with my sisters ex, it's a long story."

"Ugh okay. Where do u want to meet?"

"Semi at 1"

"Yea okay c u there."

"Kay bye."

I walk up to semi and don't c anybody. I wonder if he's gonna show up. He is older and out of my league so y would he?

I walk to the back of the school and sure enough he's there.

"Hi beautiful." He smirks.

"Hi fuck boy." His smirk goes away.

"I'm offended, again."

"Oops, sorry baby."

He shoots me a glare. He looks so attractive right now I could almost faint. He was wearing a black muscltie which clearly showed off his abbs, he did that of purpose.

Heidi walks around the corner and looks at Andrew like he's a giant. She's only like 5,5 I'm 5,6.5. I'm tall for my age.

"Hello." She likes him. I can tell cuz she's my best friend and I know her that well. But she likes him. And I don't really like that.

"We just have to wait for my friend Tristan he'll be here in a few minutes."

I pull out my phone and pretend to text people but I'm not actually because I don't actually have a plan. Only because my mother doesn't have the money for it.

His friend turns around the corner and Heidi's eyes widen almost impossibly.

I can tell Andrews already off the map. He's a bit shorter then Andrew but he's a ginger. He doesn't have freakles though. He is wearing a red shirt with white printing saying some quote I can't even see because the printing is so bad. Also some saggy black jeans with a chain.

"Hi." He says to Heidi before putting his skate board down and starts skating. I can c him blushing.

Waking next to Andrew is awkward.

"So I told my sister I'm hanging out with u today." He raises his eyes brows.


"Because I felt like it. And she was fine with it."

"Wow. I didn't know ur feisty. I like it." He gets closer to me on the side walk so that the sides of us r rubbing as we walk.

I quickly stop to fast for him to stop and jump on his back.

"U could have just said u wanted a piggy back." He says chuckling.

"I know." I reply.

"Then y didn't u?"

"Because it would be awkward." I said.

"True." He says.

My head bobbles as we all walk in the sun.

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