My sisters boyfriend

Hi, my name is Ana. My best friends are Lindsay, Tiara and Misty. I don't have very many other friends. I live with my older sister my little brother and my mother. One day my sister Mariah asks to bring over her boyfriend, she says he's 1 year older then her witch means he's in grade 9. She's in grade 8 and I'm in grade 7. His name is Andrew. About a week later they break up. Wanna know y and also what happens next read and find out!!


2. should I?

Should I text him....? Maybe I shouldn't, he is my sisters boyfriend, plus he's so much older then me. But then again maybe I should because I never got around to thanking him for buying my movie ticket, and not Mariah's.

This is do complicated!! I don't know what to do. I'll sleep on it.

I turn off my light and crawl into my big pile of covers.

A/N hi guys ik this is a rly rly rly short chapter but I promise I'll update tomorrow:)

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