My sisters boyfriend

Hi, my name is Ana. My best friends are Lindsay, Tiara and Misty. I don't have very many other friends. I live with my older sister my little brother and my mother. One day my sister Mariah asks to bring over her boyfriend, she says he's 1 year older then her witch means he's in grade 9. She's in grade 8 and I'm in grade 7. His name is Andrew. About a week later they break up. Wanna know y and also what happens next read and find out!!


1. how we met

~Chapter one~

"Hey mom, I'm home from school." I yell up the stairs. I don't know why my room is down stairs and my family members all have their rooms upstairs. It's kind of stupid because I'm the second youngest.

"Okay, but u don't have to yell." She said in a rush down the stairs. She has her phone in her hands, like she always does. Her and my dad separated when I was young, but she got married again. They had a child (my little brother) named Ethan. Now they're getting separated and sharing my little brother. Anyways about her phone, she's just texting her boyfriend she's known forever. He lives 5 hours away.

She finally puts her phone down after what feels like forever and grabs her keys.

"Are u leaving?"

"Yes I'm going to Trisha's. I'm going to be gone a while because I'm heading to work after. I'll probably be back around 1. Is that okay?"

"Yeah it's totally fine." I lie.

She shuts the door and then opens it again. "I almost forgot, your sister is bringing over her boyfriend today. I said it was okay for them to hang out here. His name is Andrew. I havn't met him yet but from what I hear I'm pretty sure he's a nice guy. Okay love you bye." She closes the door.

I watch her car leave to make sure she's gone this time.

I slowly walk down the hall to my room. It's not that clean but not that dirty. I just have a few pieces of clothing and some homework supplies on the floor. I like to do my homework on the floor.

I walk over to my radio and press the on button. I put in my favourite song and change into my after school outfit (fuzzy socks, black crop top and black tights). As I begin to open my back pack, I hear my door open. My sister Mariah must be home.

I walk outside of my room, looking down at my phone. I look up and there is what I thought was an angel. He was so attractive that I got distracted and just stared. I was standing right in front of him, staring at him in the eyes. But it wasn't weird for some reason. Probably because he was staring back. He had tall brown hair, he was tall like 6,3, he had deep brown eyes and the sharpest cheek bones that I had ever scene.

Out of nowhere he sticks his hang out at me. "Hi, I'm Andrew." His voice is as attractive as he is.

I put my hand out and shake his.

"Andrew?" My sister says being the only one realizing how long we have been shaking hands for.

"Let's go watch a movie, Andrew..." She says.

"Yeah okay. Would u like to join us?" He gestures me. This is literally my dream.

"Depends what it is." I say looking at my phone again.

"Maybe we should go to the theatre?" Mariah asks.

"Sure. Moms not going to be home until around 1." I say slightly looking at him. He smirked. I giggle.

We get on a bus and go to the theatre

"What movie do you guys what to see?"

He askes.

"I don't care, anything." I say.

He shoots me a glare.

"We're going to see a chick flick. The longest ride okay?" She gives us no time to answer. She's first in line so she pays for her ticket. Andrew is second.

"Can I have 2 tickets to the longest ride." He says. The lady hands him 2 pieces of paper. He looks back at me and smirks. "Let's go."

*movie starts*

Mariah is on the right of Andrew. And I am on the left. I take a drink of my Pepsi and lick my lips. I put my hand on the arm rest. It's about 20 minutes into the movie and Mariah is dead into it. She's in what I like to call the zone.

Out of nowhere I feel a hand land on mine. I look to my right and he looks to his left. We look at each other deeply. His hand stays. Mine does too. We look back to the screen. I started to blush. "I have to go to the bathroom I'll be right back." Mariah says. Wow, just the best thing right now. Being lest alone with my sisters boyfriend in a dark movie theatre. Thanks Mariah.

It's an awkward science for about a minute.

"This is a boring movie. Do u like it?" He asks not looking at me.

"No. My sister dosen't have a very good taste."

*fast forward*

We're walking up to the door.

"Want me to grab your jacket?" Mariah says. I guess he left it inside.

"Yeah sure." He says.

She walks in and closes the door.

"Isn't that your jacket around your waist?"

I question.

"Oops, I guess I forgot." He says moving closer to me.

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out my ticket.

"You might want it."

I take it out of his hand and he bits his lip.

Mariah walks out.

"I guess I forgot it was on your waist." She says obviously leaving the door open for me.

I enter my room and check my texts.

Lindsay: hey. Where are u @

Me: hey. And i was at a movie with my sister and her boyfriend.

It says delivered but she probably isn't going to answer soon. It takes her so long to.

I just now remember the ticket was in my hand. I wonder why he he have it to me. It's just a stupid ticket. I throw it on me bed. It lands back side up and I see something. I pick it back up off my bed and there is was. His number.


I would update again tonight but my battery is really low and I left my charger at a friends.

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