AAYLA Secura crashed landed on an unknown planet by herself weapon less


1. Unknown planet

AAYLA SECURA was sent by the Jedi council to track down a mighty healer race called the LURMARS the LURMARS are an Intelligent race known for their healing spells and more.

SECURA headed of by her self in her fighter jet without any weapon, she jumps into hyperspace not knowing her ship had a wrong destination set she then comes out the other side of the galaxy and crashed landed on an unknown mysterious Brown Planet.

AAYLA woke up in a village made of Gaint nutshell she had absolute no idea what happened and where she was...

Then an old LURMAR walked up to her and ask her "how she got here and who was she" she then replys "I am AAYLA SECURA from the Jedi council and I need your help.. My master Yoda he is really sick so I came to searched for you"...... But what she didn't knew was that the LURMARS were already made an alliance with the separatist and that they are a really NASTY race.

They told her that they will help and that she should get some rest she replyed "Ok thank you" but while she was sleeping the head chief of the LURMAR race grabbed her and tied her arms and legs up she then freaks out and wakes up but it was already too late. They striped her clothes of one by one first her shirt then her leggings then her panties and bra, helpless they started to suck on her juicy big breast and fucking her pussy and ass, their leader got to stick his dick in her mouth. She tried to get loose but it only made it worst she then ran out of energy and once again defenseless hours later they cummed all over her body and inside of her.

From that day forth every night before the LURMARS went to sleep they play around with her by sucking her tits, pussy and ass. 5 days later the Jedi council hasn't heard from her so they sent PADME to try find her with C3P0 she found the tracking beacon on a planet called the Masketuu where AAYLA crashed landed. PADME landed on the planet and went to follow the tracking device all the way to the LURMAS village she walked around asking if they have seen her Jedi friend they asked "if she was blue and had long hair" and PADME replyed excitedly "YES THAT IS MY FRIEND" they took her to where they keep her. And BAM she got knocked in the head with a Gaint log they also tied her and stripped her also and did exactly what they did last time Sucked on her breast and pussy and fucking her mouth. They then forever became sex slaves for the LURMAS and was never found again by the Jedi

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