One Mistake

A young girl just out of college at a bar spots none other then Harry Styles. Only she doesn't know his name. Next thing she knows she is trapped by he mister being used as a sex toy. Will this be her life or is it all an act?


1. one night stand

I stumbled out of the bar with a long brown haired guy pulling me out to his car. I could tell he was more wasted then I was so I pulled back on his hand and directed him to a parked cab. We hopped inside and the driver took us to the guys house it was huge. He dragged me up stairs, he could barely keep his balance, he opened a door and slammed me down on the king size bed he pulled my short off followed by his pants he left his boxers on but then he come and starttled me pushing my hands on to the bed so I couldn't move her whispered in my ear, "Big mistake." What does he mean I feel him get off of me and I sit up he must have left the room. I get up and start to redress myself when he comes storming back in with vodka, 2 sets of handcuffs, and rope. I try to get out of there but he is much stronger then me. He pushes me on to the bed cuffing me to the head rest and tying my legs to the end of the bed. The thing the scared me the most was that when he tied my legs he tied them so they where completely spread he put the vodka to his lips and drank half of the bottle then he put if of my lips. I put my tongue in the bottle so no liquid would get in my mouth. "Come on now princess be a good girl." I didn't respond and he punched me in the stomach I opened my mouth and the vodka rushed down my throat I figured I better drink just to get it over with. The bottle was empty when he pulled it away from my lips. Everything was blurry and I could barley move. He came on me again bit this time everything was off he slowly crawled up me and pulled my dress up and pulling my underwear down he ripped them off the rope so that my leg where fully spread he then pull my dress over my head ripping it to pieces. The only thing left covering my body was my bra and that did last for long. He reached up and grabbed my breast squeezing them so hard that I let out a soft moan the next thing I know my bra is off and he is sucking them. One hand on my mouth other on my bum he slowly moved his head down my body until he reaches my hips he looks up at me with a smirk one his face, "This is where the fun begins." He lowers his head and I can feel his tongue in side of me and his lips on me then he pulls his tongue out replacing it with 2 fingers he thrusts them in and out making me moan and him moan in return. The slowly pulls them out liking them. That's when I feel if the width of the worst inside me going in and out making me scream and him enjoy himself even more.

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