My Rise To Fame

Rachel Weber is an 22 year old girl in collage. She recently moved out of her frat house and into her own apartment, because of the parties her frat sisters through every night. Another reason was because she wanted to focus on the one reason she went here. The music program. She has been in love with making music since she was five and has a youtube channel with videos she started making when she was 14. She soon meets some people who know about the music buisness and help her. But she soon gets so involved she pushes the people who helped her and the ones she cares about for those who only want something from her and not to be her real friends. Read and find out how she deals with her new life.


1. Prologue

"I'll take it." I said quickly. Then realizing I had interrupted her. "Sorry, but I'll take it." I said. She nodded and left to get the paper work I had to sign from her car. I sat down on the couch that came with the house and just sat there with my eyes closed. I felt like someone was watching me but when I opened my eyes to investigate the feeling was gone. I shrugged it of and then got up to see Rosa, the real-estate agent walk back into the apartment with a small hand full of papers. She sat down across from where I sat back down again. She showed me where to sign and I glanced over everything that was small and made sure I wasn't signing my death certificate. Everything was normal and I signed and she then left when I finished. I got up after she left and walked around my new home. I was still surprised at how much I loved the place but I finished around four pm. I decided to then leave the apartment and get my stuff here and then get some food. 

When I got back to the frat house there was no party which surprised me because their parties usually start at four. I walked up to the door and used the key for the last time to unlock the door. I walked in and everything was dark.

"SURPRISE!" I heard and the lights turned on and all of the girl's had presents for me.

"Guy's it's not my birthday." I stated.

"Well duh we knew that these are your moving away gifts." Sarah, the leader of the frat, explained.

"Thanks but you did't have to get me anything." I told them.

"We wanted to. You are one of the oldest girls here and we wanted to say thank you for putting up with us for three years. Oh, and we mad sure not to start your going away party without you so one more night that you have to put up with us because whether I like you or not you are staying here to enjoy the party." Laura, a sophomore girl said to me. She was also my room, well ex-roommate. That's when I realized what they were saying.

"Your going to hold me hostage all night?" I asked even though I knew what they were doing. And as I expected they all nodded and smiled evily. I sighed and gave up trying to figure out how to get out of this.

"Fine but I get to leave an hour in ok?" I stated. they sadly nodded and went on there phones and started texting people. I figured they were telling them that the party was on now that I was here. 

Suddenly I was grabbed by the arm by Sarah and pulled up the stairs to her room. I was sat on her bed and she ran to her closet. I sat there waiting for her to come out with some super small and tight outfit but she came out with a half thigh long dress that was white and lose at the bottom, and it was sleeveless. My jaw dropped. It was one of the most beautiful dresses I had ever seen. It was also the dress I wanted to get last year but couldn't pay for it.

"This is my gift to you on your last night in the frat house. I know you don't like black and tight short dresses but I remember you trying this one on last year and you didn't have the money to buy it so I saved my money up and bought it for you." She explained. I pulled myself together and shook my head.

"I can't take that Sarah. It was five hundred dollars. I can't ta-" She interrupted me.

"Sorry no take backs and besides its to big for me and you loved this dress and it wouldn't be nice if you refused my gift." 

"I can't Sarah." I refused to let her get to me.

"Well at lease try it on. If it doesn't work for you anymore than I'll give it to one of the girls." She sighed. I huffed and nodded and grabbed the dress from her hand and went to the bathroom down the hall. I pulled all the clothes I was wearing at the time which was a grey shirt from Live Love Dream and a crop jean jacket and my favorite dark wash jeans. I had normally wear flats but I was wearing my tennis shoes now. I got the dress on and looked in the mirror. The dress still looked amazing on me and there was no denying that. I walked out to find the kids from other frats were here and the party had began. I quickly walked into Sarah's room again and she was sitting on her bed and looking at something on her phone. Her head shot up when I walked into the room. She smiled and looked at me in the eyes.

"Now for some nicer shoes. I can't have you in the hottest dress ever and just plain tennis shoes now can I?" She said as she got up and went to her closet and walked out with a pair of heels the same color white as the dress and a strap at the top of the shoe.

"I know you don't wear heels often but tonight you are. Try these on." I stared at her but she just huffed and pushed them at me. This was when I huffed and sat on her bed and put them on. I dropped my old clothes by the door. I got them on easily and they fit perfectly. Then Sarah decided to be more unbelievable and she did my make up before I could say no. She finished and told me to stand. I stood up and looked at Sarah. She looked stuned. 

"You have to keep the dress and the heels or I will cry forever. You have to be the hottest I have ever seen you." She stated. I just rolled my eyes and giggled. "And before you doubt yourself to much look here." I walked over to the mirror she pointed at. She was right. I was hot and I never saw myself as hot. I barely recognized myself. I looked away and at Sarah and she grabbed my arm and pulled me to the door she slightly opened it and looked out, and closed it.

"Ok, you go out there and have the most fun you will ever have. I in the meantime have to get dressed and host a party." I nodded and she pulled me out the door and pushed. I was in the middle of the hall and the door closed. I sighed, gave myself a quick pep talk and turned to the stairs and walked down them. As I walked, one by one everyone at the party turned to look at me. Each one getting their friends to look at me. I was so nervous I tripped down the last stair but someone caught me. I looked up to see a guy with blue eyes and short shabby brown hair. He smiled and pulled me to my feet.

"I'm Rachel Weber." I said putting my hand out to him. He smiled and took it.

"Thomas Dekker." He replied. I shook his hand and pulled my hand away. 

"I'm sorry for running into you I don't normally where heels like this and I ju-" He stopped me and spoke.

"No worries I saved you from hurting yourself." He said. I looked down and didn't know what to do.

"I have to find my friends bye." I quickly looked up and realized he was already leaving.

"Bye." I said quietly. I looked around and no one was looking at me. I started walking trying to get to the back door before any of the girls could find me because if they did I would be in trouble with the girls.. I finally got there and there was no one in the pool anymore. I walked up to one of the chairs and sat back against it. Then realized someone was behind me, and I turned around and saw Thomas.

"I thought you were going to find your friends." I said with a smile. I sat up.

"I thought no one would follow me, and for the record I was but they are drunk and don't want to leave yet." He said as he sat down in the chair next to me.

"I didn't mean to follow you I just wanted to get out of there." I explained.

"You wanted to get out of there and yet your there you didn't seem the type to be there anyways."

"I'm not that there is the party my fraternity sisters are holding for me because I'm moving out. They are holding me hostage." I said.

"So your a collage girl." He asked.

"A music major and a writing minor." I sighed unhappily.

"You don't seem happy about that."

"Well I know I love writing and making music now but one day I won't want that anymore and I'll want to do something else with my life but my mom has wanted me to get my voice out there and do it to my hearts desire and she was so happy when I told her that I started putting videos on Youtube and it would break her heart if I decided to do something else with my life." I stated truthfully. I looked at him and he was nodding like he knew the feeling.

"Sometimes we have to disappoint our parents to be happy, I know that from experience. My mom doesn't like the life I have now. She always wanted me to be a singer like her but I wanted to do what I do now." He said.

"What do you do?" I asked him. He chuckled and looked over to me.

"You don't know who I am do you?" 

"Yeah Thomas Dekker." I said.

"Yeah that's my name but have you ever seen The Secret Circle?" He asked me. I shock my head. Then his phone went off. He looked at it.

"Well watch it." He said. He started to get up.

"Wait, do you act in it?" I asked quickly. He turned and smiled and then walked away back into the party. I sighed and leaned back. Suddenly something broke in the house and I got up to see what it was. I walked in and found on of the vases that Sarah bought was on the floor in pieces. I sighed and walked father into the party to find Sarah and I found her but she was drunk so I told her I was leaving and she was ok with it and I got into my car and looked around. I saw one car and recognized the person in it. Thomas was yelling at his phone and he then disconnected it. I buckled my seatbelt and left before he saw me.

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