My Rise To Fame

Rachel Weber is an 22 year old girl in collage. She recently moved out of her frat house and into her own apartment, because of the parties her frat sisters through every night. Another reason was because she wanted to focus on the one reason she went here. The music program. She has been in love with making music since she was five and has a youtube channel with videos she started making when she was 14. She soon meets some people who know about the music buisness and help her. But she soon gets so involved she pushes the people who helped her and the ones she cares about for those who only want something from her and not to be her real friends. Read and find out how she deals with her new life.


3. Chapter 3

I woke up by a loud bang from outside my room. I sat up slowly because my head was killing me at the moment and I looked at the clock to see it was only noon. I stood up and I was fine and I walked over to my door and walked out. I walked down the stairs and saw a phone on the floor that was literally in pieces. I picked up the pieces and walked farther into the room. Thomas was on the couch with is face in his hands. I smiled and walked over to him

"Well this is too far gone to fix." I said. He looked up and saw his phone in my hand. He chuckled. "Someone piss you off or what." 

"Yeah and trust me that person is far worse than you think." He said.

"Why, who is he?" I asked sitting down next to him.

"I don't want to talk about it." He said leaning back.

"What is he like your father?" 

"Yeah you can say that." He responded. I leaned back too and I sighed.

"Well you have a dad or someone like a dad. I've been in foster care my whole life." I said.

"Well my dad was a jackass and left me and my mom." He said.

"Ok, are you seriously trying to make your life seem worse than mine." I asked giggling.

"Yes I think I am." He said laughing.

"Your honest. I think we will be great friends." I said.

"Who said I wanted to be your friend?" He asked smiling.

"Oh let me see the fact that you keep following me and saving me from having to wash vomit out of my hair." I said to him. He laughed.

"I could say the same about you following me and I did that because I know how to be a nice guy." He explained.

"See your still being honest." I said. He chuckled and leaned forward and looked at me.

"Should I start lying a lot." He joked.

"Nah it will make you a bad person, oh and you never told me what you do for a living Dekker." I said.

"Did you watch the show I told you to?" He asked me. I shook my head and he laughed. "Well how about we watch the first episode?" I nodded.

"I have Netflix we can watch it on there if it is there." I said.


"It's on there." He leaned back and smirked. I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. I went on the Netflix app and clicked on it. We waited for it to loaded and I looked at him and he was looking at me while smirking.

"Is there something in this that is going to freak me out?" I asked Thomas. He shook his head and said maybe and grabbed the remote from my hand and searched the show. It popped up and he clicked on it. He moved the clicker down to the More Episodes and clicked on the first on. 

About have way through the episode I finally realized something. Adam Conant was him. Thomas Dekker was the actor that my sister loved. I got up and went to the kitchen. I leaned against the counter. Thomas came in seconds later. 

"You ok?" 

"You know my sister is going to be mad when she realizes I meet you first." I said.

"Why?" He asked.

"Because she is basically in love with you. She has millions of posters of you and every movie you have ever been in. She is obsessed with you." I explained. I knew it was creepy but he had to know.

"Ok that's kind of creepy but al least I know I have fans." He said as I burst out laughing. 

"What is so funny?" He asked as I had finally started calming down. I started laughing again. I honestly had no idea what was so funny. I kept laughing for like five minutes and by the time I was done he was laughing really hard. So I punched him in the arm and he stopped faster. But as soon he was done and he looked at me and then turned away and laughed. I punched him again and he stopped and started whining. 

"Stop punching me that hurts." He said. I said fine and we went on watching the TV show. After we finished he decided to help me finish getting my stuff out of the house while the girls were at school since they left an hour after we started watching the show. We got my stuff packed and into my car and finished getting the place cleaned. I waved him good bye as he left for school and I drove away to my apartment

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