The Boy Next Door

Katherine is the popular girl in school. She has everything. She also has a secret that no one know's about her....let's just say it's best to keep it that way.

Bret is the high school Jock. Smart , Fun , Crazy ,Scandalous and Daring. When he moves with his aunt , his world shifts....he starts falling for Katherine. What happens when fire and ice come together ?


4. Katherine

What the hell ? I don't even like Bret !

               Bret is just a wannabe rebellious bad boy. I wasn't surprised when he sat with the jocks. Claire was clearly blinded by Bret , he wasn't even all that . Okay so maybe his piercings kind've made him hot but i'm not interested. Too many guys want me but they arent worth the heart break. I was planning to grab my books out the locker and find Clair but my books were gone. Just as I was about to report a stolen item I heard someone say , " Looking for something ? " Of course it would be Bret. 

              " Um thanks ? " I told him... how does he know my locker combination and its only been a day ? I reached up to grab them but he put them behind his back.

" God , what the hell do you want ? "

" A date ? " Bret smirked. I felt the blush coming on and I quickly pushed it aside.

" Not like I want to go to Algebra 1 anyways , keep the books." 

       Bret pushed me up against the locker and slid his hand slowly up my thigh , while bringing his face closer to mine as if asking permission. When I didn't comment,his hands found their way all over me and lord knows why I moaned. I dropped my bag and started exploring him too , bicepts , abbs , neck . He lifted me off my feet, but I was still up against the locker. His lips found mine and a shock went down my spine . He burried his face in my neck and I gasped in pleasure. Kissing turned into biting and all this took a turn , I had the hots for Bret Evans.

     The locker stopped the moment. The door slammed open and knocked me in the head , I slid down his legs due to the impact and this time , he moaned. It was actually pretty sexy.

" How about that date ?" Bret asked , out of breath.

I giggled. " Okay fine , but we aren't dating." 

" Yet ," Bret whispered ," but you might want to cover that up."

" Cover what-"

He wrapped his arm around me for one last hurrah and started sucking and biting on my neck. With that , he gave me his award winning smirk and walked away , hands in his pocket. I looked in the mirror and there was one , very obvious hickey , Bret claimed me as his.

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