The Boy Next Door

Katherine is the popular girl in school. She has everything. She also has a secret that no one know's about her....let's just say it's best to keep it that way.

Bret is the high school Jock. Smart , Fun , Crazy ,Scandalous and Daring. When he moves with his aunt , his world shifts....he starts falling for Katherine. What happens when fire and ice come together ?


6. Claire

                                      Funny how Katherine actually took my advice....

       God why did I have to be so stupid ? He's all yours. Why did I have to say that ? Bret is supposed to be mine for the taking. I walked side by side with Katherine. No wonder Bret was so fascinated by her , she's perfect in so many ways. Katherine's skin is flawless and a smooth almond color , barely a scratch. Her hair is an elegant silky black , always curled a little past her shoulders . Her eyes are as dark as the night and you can tell her past is an adventurous one. Katherine has the perfect complexion and her eyes always bat in a flirtatious way without trying. Me on the other hand , I have sea blue eyes that look like sadness , I have shoulder length blond layered hair , and my eyes take up more than half my face in my opinion. I should've told Bret instead that SHE'S all HIS. " So Kathyy , have any idea who you're taking for homecoming ?" Katherine rolled her eyes , it's weird because normally all her attention is focused on these type of things. " I'm not interested. " 

    Okay , something isn't right. " Kathy , you haven't came to my house in ages , I think some bff time is much needed ! " I squealed. " When ? " My mind was all over the place , I haven't even thought everything through. " Umm , let's just go to the mall ? " Katherine quickly was angered for some unknown reason. " Look , if things are going to be weird because your dream boyfriend is slowly becoming mine , find a new squad if you mind." She threw her pom poms on the floor and tapped her foot impatiently , lips curled in a straight line. Wow , this was so random , I don't even know how to respond to this. Why did the thought or mention of Bret Evans bring so much pain , I barely even know the guy. Bret Evans , the guy I am into , with my bestfriend ?

   " Is this a question ? " I asked , my voice quivering . Katherine scoffed . " Here , i'll make the choice for you , no it's not a question , I gave you a choice. We need a break , not bff time. Bret has been a distraction for you lately and I need your focus to be with the cheer team , but you haven't been as into it. Even worse , when Bret becomes mine , you will start to despise and envy me and negativity is not needed on the team. Think about what you want. A reputation , or your bestfriend's boyfriend."  My mouth hung open. Boyfriend. Ouch ... that one hurt. I picked up her pom poms and handed them to her . Throwing on my biggest smile in the world , I said ," We got spirit yes we do , we got spirit how bout' you " 

   " It's settled then ", Katherine flipped her hair over her shoulders , " practice tomorrow 6 am sharp be ready , set , and peppy ." I walked quickly to the library and slouched up against the wall. Hugging my knees between my arms , I buried my face in between and cried. Luckily , no one was in the library to see " Little Miss Perfect " cry. At least that's what I thought. " Who knew that one of the most beautifulest girl in the school had a heart ? " I turned around and saw Alex. Honestly , he would be the last person I want to see right now but I also think that I need to be held together at this moment. I wiped my tears away , mascara probably smeared across my face . 

   " Oh hey Alex , it's nothing , allergies are harsh." I let out a fake laugh , trying to make it sound believable but I failed miserably. Alex took a seat on the left side of me. " Everyone cries , it's okay to let it out ." He's sweet. I rested my head on his shoulder. Moments later , he wrapped his arm around me and held me close. " See , you do have a heart. " A small smile crept up on my face. He's the first guy to ever care about me and not expect something in return. I kissed his cheek. He faced me , our faces inches apart . I can feel his uneven breaths quicken. He's nervous and unsure. I pulled away , embarrassment showing all over . " Alex you're really sweet but I don't want to pressure -

    My sentence was interrupted with the soft touch of his lips against mine.




A/N ~ Hey beautiful people ! So how do you guys feel about this chapter ? Claire turned out to be the sweet one didn't she ? Shocker ! Comment what you think about Claire , should she stay determined to win Bret's heart , or does Alex already have hers ? Team Braire , or Team Clex ??? 

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