The Boy Next Door

Katherine is the popular girl in school. She has everything. She also has a secret that no one know's about her....let's just say it's best to keep it that way.

Bret is the high school Jock. Smart , Fun , Crazy ,Scandalous and Daring. When he moves with his aunt , his world shifts....he starts falling for Katherine. What happens when fire and ice come together ?


3. Claire

      He is super hot

            Katherine was going on and on about her new heels her Mom bought her , but I wasn't really paying attention . Bret Evans was on my mind. " Claire ! " Immediately , I snapped out of it , guess Bret will have to wait. " Hmm what ?" I replied completely aware now. " As I was saying , sleep over at my house , popcorn , and The Notebook ?" Katherine squealed.

Blue eyes , bad boy attitude , fineeee piercings , I have to have him

        " Uh yeah sure mhm Friday." Katherine glared. " He's just another moron that'll screw you over." Sometimes , your best friends can be a pest. " What do you mean by that ?"  She laughed. " Once he gets what he wants , he'll leave you like the rest and Bret Evans will be the new Alex McCarthy."  She was starting to become a real pain. " What do you even know about Bret and what makes you think I have a thing for him ?" 

I turned around to throw away my tray and boom sparks flew...SIKE. I turned around and crashed into Bret. My food got all over him. I was completely mortified. " Way to go blondie , thanks for the warm welcome." Clearly , Bret was annoyed but the jerky attitude was adorable. Here goes Katherine. " You son of a cow , talk to Claire like that one more time and your head will be up your a** !" Bret laughed ," That's what she said , but we all know that's not the way it'll go when you start falling for me." The jocks started oohhing and Katherine was a bright shade of red. " Honey , your just one of the million guys who wishes they could have me." Bret helped me up. " No I don't wish I could have you because by the looks on your face , I already have you." He winked and Katherine faked a gag. " I'm sorry about the mess umm I could buy you another shirt ." I offered.

                 " Another rich girl living off Daddy's money ? No thanks. " Bret was just about to leave until the jocks called him to sit with them. Great. My heart sank and he's flirting with Katherine, my best friend...but I refuse to have feelings for him. Could this day be any worse.

Bret returns the favor by dumping his strawberry and bananna smoothie on my cheerleading uniform. I grimmaced . " Thanks for the warm welcome , see you in class ." Bret spat. I spoke too soon. "Way to go Claire , Bret hates you !" The jocks laughed and threw a french fry at me. I walked up to Katherine. " He's all yours." I whispered to her and walked to my next class.

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