The Boy Next Door

Katherine is the popular girl in school. She has everything. She also has a secret that no one know's about her....let's just say it's best to keep it that way.

Bret is the high school Jock. Smart , Fun , Crazy ,Scandalous and Daring. When he moves with his aunt , his world shifts....he starts falling for Katherine. What happens when fire and ice come together ?


5. Bret

                                                                   Katherine. I have a date with Katherine.

        Crap. I never got Katherine's number. I went up to one of the jocks on the football team and explained to them why I needed Katherine's number. " HOLY CRAP !!! YOU HAVE A DATE WITH KATHERINE ?? CHEERLEADER HOTTIE?" Alex practically made my ears bleed. " Um, I kind've had a physical session with her too. Hey ! I don't take no for an answer." Alex's mouth was wide open . " Close it before you catch flies." 

" Bro , if your going to be seen with THE Katherine , you at least have to be a jock. You'll make a fool of yourself."

" I kind've already did by having a weird moment , what are you getting at anyways ? "

" Ever play football ?"

" Yeah , I was on the team before I moved here with you lowlives." Alex rolled his eyes. God , he can be such a girl. I followed Alex to a room saying " Coach Benz ." 

" Coach , meet Bret , Bret Coach Benz. Bret was on a previous highschool team before he moved here with us , and I quote " lowlives ."

      Coach Benz raised his eyes over his glasses. " Alex , go get jersey 41 ." My eyes widened. " Now Bret , if you're on the team , you must be fully commited , not just because your one of the guys who wants a chance with Ms.Pierce." My eyes widened , Benz read my mind. " I already have her." I nervously laughed. Benz was all ears. " Treat her right , she's my niece and she hasn't been with tons of guys , break her heart and you're off the team."  I gave him the army solute thing they do and waited for Alex.

     Alex came back and threw me the uniform. It reeked of manly doings and sweat. " Yo , this stinks." Alex laughed ," See there's this amazing thing that was invented years ago called a washer , you should try it some time." I laughed and chased him down the halls . Alex slowed down and I tackled him. " Damn bro , see we need this type of attitude on the team #41 ! " I smiled to myself. I'm like one of the guys in the movie who gets the guy and the girl. Fourth period bell rang and the halls became flooded but to me , all I saw was Katherine. She was wearing her uniform which fit her body perfectly. 

   Katherine started to come near me and when she was a little ahead of me , I slapped her ass. She giggled and twirled around. She turned back around and kissed me on the cheek , while sliding her number in my pocket. " You're still the worlds most annoying jerk around though." She told me. I smiled and whispered to her ," I'm Bret Evans. You'll be cheering at the games. Number 41 ." I winked at her. She laughed and said ," Hmm , i'll think abt it , I thinnk i'll cheer for Alex ." Alex yelled ," It would be a damn pleasure ! " I laughed and kissed Katherine . " I'm going to be late , bye ." Then , Claire was by her in two seconds. 

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