The Boy Next Door

Katherine is the popular girl in school. She has everything. She also has a secret that no one know's about her....let's just say it's best to keep it that way.

Bret is the high school Jock. Smart , Fun , Crazy ,Scandalous and Daring. When he moves with his aunt , his world shifts....he starts falling for Katherine. What happens when fire and ice come together ?


2. Bret

This is stupid. Why leave everything behind when you have everything needed ?

     I arrived at Beverly High School. This is the most stuck up , too good for it's own good , school i've ever seen. Maybe the day will pass if I ignore all these low lives.  I put my earbuds and throw on my black beanie cap and stuffed the last of the pop tart in my mouth. The hall was packed with idiots. I walked down to the office to recieve my schedual and get through the day.

" Name ?"


     I scoffed. She's one of the first people that actually doesn't know my name. " Bret Evans." I replied with a smirk. The lady handed me my schedual and said " have a great day " with a ton of sarcasm. I walked out the office , slamming the door on my way out. Everywhere I went , there was new gossip about me , guess jealousy is a new trend. I went to my locker and groaned in frustration. On the right of me was a girl named Katherine ( I'm guessing , due to her locker being pink and words in sparkles saying Katherine Pierce ) . On the left of my locker was another girls locker . They were exactly the same except her's was purple saying " Claire Rose " . That's not even the worst part. My locker was jammed....and the cheerleaders were walking down the hall. This would happen to me wouldn't it ? Everyone began to clear the way for them. Smoothly, I layed up against my locker. " And ew , Who are you ? " Katherine asked me in disgust. God , no one knows my name do they ?  " Bret Evans , your new locker buddy ." I snapped. I've already had it with this school and i've only been here two seconds. Lord have mercy , she's kind've hot.

   " Mhm whatever , clearly I didn't really want to know ," and with that , she grabbed Claire and continued to walk down the hall. Apparently, everyone adored Katherine, the guys jaws practically dropped and the geeks were drooling. Claire was stunning too , but she was no Katherine. I grabbed my book and made my way to class.


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