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2. The First Impression

I have decided for this book to be a whole bunch of short stories, true short stories, stories that actually happened to me. Some of these stories may be funny, some may be sad and some may leave you wondering but, without further adieu here is my first story of many.  

The First Impression 

I was twelve years old and for my whole life every first impression I made on someone didn't go as planned, I was either too shy or too awkward when meeting somebody new. Really my grade was very small with barley any girls within it so getting a sixth girl would be a strange experience for me and the thought that she would live on my street made the risks even higher. I had to make a good impression. 


This girl moved in down the street, we didn't speak, we knew of one another but, were both too shy to actually be the first to say anything so I talked one of my friends to come and meet this new student with me to safe some of the awkwardness. It was the summer now, school had ended that day as my friend,Beth, walked home with me to catch a ride to our soccer game later in the evening. We had just enough time to go over and introduce ourselves to this girl before our big game. I was overthinking everything, the stress of being goalie for my soccer team and meeting someone new who would be going to my school and living on my street was all too real for me. 


"Hello, I'm Emma" I said kind of nervously as we stood in her driveway but, you would have to understand I was the shy type back then. 

"Hey Emma nice to meet you I'm Carrie" She replied happily.

"This is Beth" I continued. 


After we got past the regular stuff, hi I am Emma...., my parents are...., my siblings are...., our school is.... etc I thought things were going rather smoothly. Finally I wasn't  too shy or too awkward, too clumsy.....wrong! For as soon as I let these thoughts into my mind I waved goodbye turned and.....WACK.....the car mirror! The car mirror smacked me with a powerful force right in the face. 


There I was a red faced, clumsy girl with Beth laughing so hard she could barely breath and this family, this family I just met, standing there ever so awkwardly just looking at me with the most puzzled face imaginable. I thought of nothing to do but, walk away gloriously with my fist in the air and shout "I'm okay" with my back to this family that probably was silently, worried, confused and full of laughter as they met their new neighbor, me.


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