My Prince Charming

Mikey is a guy who's looking for his prince charming. His wish comes true once the new guy in town transfers to his school. With all his might Mikey vows to make Luke Knight his boyfriend by the end of senior year.


1. Meeting Him

Mikey's (P.O.V.)

            The first thing that popped up in my mind was, "Senior year is going to be great!." I was wrong. Within my first day of senior year I got pushed into a locker, slushied, and also called a "Big Loser." I know what your probably thinking it should be around the lines of,"Well that's not a good way to start off your senior year," and yeah you're right but unfortunately guys like me are always to be the victim of an unexpected bully.

Before I forget my name is Micheal but my family and non existent friends call me Mikey. I attend the hellhole known as Ever-dell high school in a little town named Ever-dell Nights get it? If not then come see for yourself anyways I'm getting off track I am here to tell you the story on how I met my Prince charming and yes if you didn't answer it already I am gay.

My story begins on a not so sunny day, where it's cloudy, and no where to play. Dude I just made that up Ha! So it started with a new kid named Luke Knight he had transferred from London, England because of certain issues dealing with foster care my point is I ran into him and I mean this quite literally.

I had been late for Spanish class and well...I ran into him while turning the corner and what he did next surprised the hell out of me. He caught me by wrapping his arms around my waist and then quickly grabbed my book and then looked down at me with his beautiful blue eyes he had asked me, "Are you okay mate?" and oh my sweet honey biscuits his accent was sexy as fuck I mean I nearly got turned on just by it.

I then realized he was still waiting for a reply and quickly I said, "Um yeah I'm fine thanks for saving me I'm Micheal but everyone calls me Mikey and you are?" I asked even though I already knew his name, he smiles gently exposing his perfect white teeth and says, "I'm Lucas but you can call me Luke." That was the moment I decided senior would be okay but as long as Luke was around.

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