My Prince Charming

Mikey is a guy who's looking for his prince charming. His wish comes true once the new guy in town transfers to his school. With all his might Mikey vows to make Luke Knight his boyfriend by the end of senior year.


7. Disney Movie marathon

Luke's (P.O.V.)

    After school Mikey invited me over for a Disney movie marathon which I agreed to. Now we were on our way to the orphanage he lived at. We enter into the house and soon greeted by two little boys who were twins. "Luke this is Tristan and Christian the only set of twins in the orphanage." Mikey explains introducing the boys to me who smile up at me with wide grins on their faces "Hi Luke"  they say in unison and I smile down at them picking them up and cuddling them to my chest.

"Who wants to have a Disney marathon?" Mikey asks all of us and the boys cheer then jump down and run over to the living room bouncing on the couch. The first movie we watched was the Lion King I cried when Mufasa died and so did Mikey he had cried into my chest which made me smile on the inside.

From the Lion King we went to watching the princess and the frog which the boys swooned at. Overall I had a great night with Mikey but what made me really happy that night was when I kissed Mikey and he kissed me back! I pulled away with a big grin on my face and with a soft blush on Mikey's face.

I starred at him for a while just admiring his beauty and then the next thing he does makes me want to crush him into my chest he freaking giggles which was the most adorable sound ever to be created "T-that was my first kiss and I liked it a lot!" He exclaims hugging me close I chuckle at his adorableness then hug him back.

To whomever is up there thank you so much for bringing Mikey into my life he's my everything now and forever.

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